On-Site Strategies

While more businesses and applications are moving to the cloud, not all businesses are ready to take the plunge. Flexibility is key for businesses that need an on-site solution but realize that cloud communications are on their horizon. As your business looks to the future, it’s important to select a business communications platform that can accommodate your needs today with the capability to solve tomorrow’s problems. You also need a solution that integrates several applications into one, such as communications and collaboration, phones, and integrated call center solutions. Not to mention integrating with third-party systems, which can help deliver a seamless workflow.


"Without these solutions I don’t see how we’d be able to be as effective or productive. Since the solution is in the cloud, people can do their jobs from anywhere, which truly changes the way we work."
Patrice Bélie
CEO, Hub One
"Mitel has been a great partner and focused on growing mobility and ensuring the solutions being deployed are solvent and keep up with our customers’ expectations."
Jan Bucher
General Manager, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni
"The most important thing is how hospitality-oriented Mitel is. They are building their systems for hospitality. They know the hospitality industry’s needs, which makes their systems effective."
Emile Fonyuy
Digital Service Manager
"One of the big benefits of Mitel that we really enjoy in our district is the MiCollab soft client that can go on our mobile devices. With it, our principals and administrators are able to stay connected to their offices even when they’re not there."
Melissa Tebbenkamp
Director of Instructional Technology, Raytown Quality Schools
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