Communications for Schools and Universities

In today's fast-paced educational environment, your organization needs reliable, flexible communications to keep staff and students connected. Mitel solutions enable students to communicate on their terms and enhances the learning experience.

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Communications for Schools and Universities

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Improving student outcomes

Increasing productivity and enabling collaboration and messaging are key.

Improve Student Outcomes

A better experience

Provide students with convenient access to class and reference information and a 21st-century learning environment by leveraging the right communications technology.

Provide a Better Experience

Leverage Investments

Keep your communications technology up to date by integrating new systems or replacing existing ones. 

Leverage Your Investments

Team Collaboration and Communications For Dummies

Your biggest investment and competitive advantage in your business is often your employees and maximizing employee productivity has significant impact on your bottom line.

Today's employees use mobile devices and mobile apps in practically every aspect of their lives — that includes the business world. These devices and apps influence the way your employees collaborate and interact professionally. It's time to embrace the mobile lifestyle and find innovative ways to adapt these productivity-enhancing tools to a professional setting for effective team collaboration and communications.

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Mitel supports students and educators

Case Study
Bexhill High School

A new state-of-the-art telephone system was essential, to match the technologically advanced facility.

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Case Study
The University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool had an ageing and expensive telephony system with limited scalability and resiliency, so they upgraded to MiVoice Business.

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Nambour Christian College

Mitel unified communications is enabling successful educational outcomes and continued growth for Nambour Christian College.

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