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In today’s world where guest experience can determine the success or failure of your hotel, providing your guests with a positive experience is top of mind for all hoteliers. But doing all this while dealing with labor shortage can be extremely challenging. That is why it is essential that you find the right tools to help you communicate with your guests and fulfill their requests without having to overburden the busy schedules of your staff.
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Streamlining communication and request management in hospitality

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With more than 50 years of experience working with the hospitality industry and thousands of satisfied customers, Mitel is constantly fine tuning its  products and integrations to address the communication challenges that you have to face on your property.



  • The right communication medium for your guests

    The best way to communicate with your guests is the way that they want to communicate. That is why, it is essential that your contact center solution is omnichannel giving your guest the freedom to connect with you in the way that works best for them. MiContact Center Business allows you to communicate with your guests through voice, chat, SMS, email or others at every step of their journey with you before, during and after their stay in your hotel.
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  • Elevate your contact center experience with AI

    A contact center solution efficiently streamlines your communication with your guest but your staff’s busy schedules can be even more alleviated with new technologies such as generative AI. Do not waste your guest’s time repeating the same information during interactions. Let generative AI tools, such as PolyAI, gather your guest’s information such as name, room number, address etc. and automatically transfer the information to your agents saving both your guests’ and agents' time. Automate guests support transactions, facilitate fulfilling guest requests and free up your staff’s busy schedules.

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  • Know your staff and guests

    Providing the best guest experience does not stop when your guest leaves the property. Every guest that interacted with you provides you with a whole array or information that can help you provide a better guest experience for that guest and all future ones and allows you to learn how your agents work. With Mitel Workforce Management together with MiContact Center Business, gained insights into your staff and guest interactions and optimize the number of agents that you need. With Mitel Interaction recording, learn more about the interaction between your agents and guests and improve your guest experience.
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  • Delegate easier tasks to technology

    A contact center solution is a game changer for any property but we know that for some limited service hotels, a full blown contact center solution is not always necessary and does not always fit within the budget. Mitel’s intelligent auto attendant voice enabled application, Mitel Voice Assist, offers  just the right amount of IVR capabilities that small properties need. With it’s low-code, no-code installation and lifelike real-time interactions, its ready to use templates or the possibility to create your own templates, delegating some of your redundant requests is just a few clicks away.
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