Discover the Green of Technology With Mitel

March 10, 2008

Discover the Green of Technology With Mitel

Discover the Green of Technology With Mitel

Discovery Series Webinar Featuring Gary Audin and Jim Davies

Mitel®, a trusted provider of unified communications solutions for the real world, is sponsoring the Discover the Green of Technology webinar on March 11, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Listen and learn as Gary Audin of Delphi Inc. and Jim Davies of Mitel provide real world solutions how IT can go green.

As apart of the Mitel Discovery Series, the Discover the Green of Technology webinar is a forum for IT organizations to learn how to gain energy efficiencies and save money. 

Gary Audin is the president of Delphi Inc. and is an industry thought leader in the latest green practices. Jim Davies, Mitel CTO, is the driving force behind the strategic direction of Mitel’s unified communications solutions portfolio and its evolution beyond today’s technology horizon. They will speak about how unified communications can enable customers to lower their impact on the environment through reduced corporate travel and commuting, less power consumption, and the recycling of IT related E-waste

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Mitel Creating Green Opportunities
From teleworking to virtual conferencing, Mitel’s portfolio of IP solutions assists companies in reducing their carbon footprint by facilitating daily collaboration and communications without the need for travel.

“Mitel’s green initiatives started with a number of employees who were interested in environmental factors,” says Jim Davies. “We started some new initiatives with our new range of IP products to reduce the carbon footprint. Such as reducing commuting by teleworking and reducing international travel by using collaboration tools. Even the products themselves reduce the power consumption. For example, our average telephone uses about half the power of other standard phones in the industry.”

An ISO 14001-certified company since 1999, the Mitel end-of-life equipment-recycling program ensures that all e-waste designated telephony equipment is decommissioned at local area facilities. The equipment decommissioning and destruction is carried out in such a manner as to not be harmful to the environment; and that scrap metal and precious metal components are recovered and recycled for re-use. The end-of-life equipment-recycling program is available in the U.S. and the U.K. 

To learn more about Mitel’s green solutions, click here.

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