Summit Automotive Standardizes on Mitel for Seamless Communication Across Growing Dealership Empire

May 12, 2010


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News Facts:

 --  Mitel(R) (NASDAQ: MITL), a trusted provider of unified communications     software solutions, today announced that Summit Automotive has     standardized its voice architecture with Mitel in order to meet the     speed, deployment, and scale needs of its rapidly expanding family of     automotive dealerships. --  Summit Automotive Partners, a member of the Booth Creek Management, LLC     portfolio, selected Mitel as its communications provider. This decision     is based on Mitel's robust and flexible architecture and seamless     integration of voice and data in a virtualized environment. --  Summit has already begun deployment of the Mitel Communications Director     (MCD), Mitel Unified IP Client for Sun Ray(TM), and Mitel Applications     Suite (MAS), in concert, across its entire existing dealership group. --  Mitel's ease of deployment and flexibility is consistent with Summit's     growth strategy. That strategy necessitates Summit to meet standard     vehicle manufacturer requirements on retooling within a 72-hour window     when there is an ownership change. --  The flexible deployment architecture of MCD allows Summit to loosely     couple locations into a highly adaptable and resilient network, and     decouple if they choose to divest a location. --  The nature of Summit's distributed dealership network and decoupling     requirements drove a company-wide thin client strategy. Mitel Unified IP     Client for Sun Ray provides simplified and secure authentication for     both voice and data, allowing unified hotdesking for enhanced workforce     flexibility. It also enables Summit to drop thin clients into place and     configure credential information in the back office which simplifies     desktop management while reducing costs. --  Enhancing Summit's thin client strategy is Mitel's pedigree in     virtualized voice. In the future, it will allow Summit to seamlessly     leverage existing VMware(R) investments with both the Mitel voice and     Sun Ray environments. These environments will be virtualized to     complement Summit's IT efforts on best practices. --  The enterprise grade, flexible and high performance Mitel technology is     matched by its Mitel TotalSolutions Program (TSP), which helps Summit     effectively plan for expenditures on an operating expense basis. This     enables Summit to streamline investments and increase project cost     accuracy to a low single digit percentage point. This is essential in     the strategy through which Summit grows its business.  


"Summit Automotive is a great example of the type of organization that thrives with Mitel. These companies are dynamic and growing, and flourish when supported by Mitel's flexibility and advanced architecture through offerings such as virtualized voice that bring performance enhancements that drive bottom line results."

- Rick Dell, President, US, Mitel

"We selected a Mitel Unified Communications Solution because when as we looked at the IP telephony space we found there were few players that could provide us the growth and scalability that is required in retail automotive."

- Chad Griewahn, CTO, Booth Creek IT, LLC, parent company for Summit Automotive

About Summit Automotive Partners

Summit Automotive Partners is an integrated group of successful dealerships committed to building lasting relationships with customers, employees, manufacturers and local communities. Summit's broad resources and technology capabilities, combined with the expertise of dealership partners, allow them to create an unmatched sales experience. Summit continues to fuel its growth through customer and employee empowerment, acquiring or partnering with outstanding dealership groups and by bringing a hallmark collaborative approach to every facet of operations.

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