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Valerie Habraken
My name is Valerie Habraken, and I'm one of the Senior Technical Consultants in the MiContact Center consultant and integration service system. My recommendation is that companies extend their reach by opening up other channels to communicate with the client. There's a lot of customers who would sooner just pick up their cell phone and do a quick message to get an answer rather than to get in line or calling in a queue to wait for a live agent. There's a lot of self-service opportunities that are also available to you if open up the web chat or SMS doors so that you can provide data back and forth to an end client. We also can do those with an IVR for calls as well, where we have some speech recognition and text to speech response so that we can navigate through a self-service workflow. Definitely seeing an increase with the clients I work with today where they want to use these more advanced tools to help their customers get the answers they need when they need them. When we're talking about extending to multiple channels, or what we call omni channel. It’s not just being where your customers are, it's being able to provide them a consistent experience and continuity across the channels. So, in our product, if you begin an engagement in a web chat, you can seamlessly turn that into a voice call, so that the call notes stay with, whether you're transferring from the same agent to a new person or whether you're just going from texting, to being on the phone with somebody. Providing a consistent experience is really key to keeping a high-quality customer experience.

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