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Valerie Habraken
My name is Valerie Habraken, and I'm one of the senior technical consultant by contact center consulting services, while providing a personalized customer experience begins with identifying the caller for the person who's emailing or texting. And there's a few ways that we can achieve that we can look at the interaction history, because we keep records of all the interactions and patterns and see how we handle that interaction or which agent interactions we read accordingly. Alternatively we can take that information and compare it against your database, so that we know this is a priority client or this is somebody that is calling for a particular type of service and more efficiently and quickly route that call, where it needs to go over your message messages and faxes hear something custom to them, so that we acknowledge, thank you for calling again. I think it's really important. Nobody likes to repeat information to the phone, and especially if you're transferring from agent to supervisor escalation. Okay, identify that caller a punch in the IVR that information stays with the call wherever you can trace it that's really important piece of personalizing experience.

Once you know who the caller is this guy's really limits, if you know that they have a preferred group of agents that need to handle that interaction. You might know the type of department, you need to route it to.

You might know that this person has called before and has had a difficult experience you might just escalate to a higher price of options once we know who the, who the first instance. I have this one client. They had a real shortage of staff, not because they weren't keeping up on the hiring front, but that other departments have taken from the customer service into other areas of the company. So they were always looking for ways to reduce the load reduce the wait times. And one of the efficiencies we gained. We did a IVR so it was voice, and that particular customer use both speech recognition and text to speech, they would go back and forth with the client to make sure that they identified them, but they also had some onboarding questions for new people, new customers that were coming in. They had three or four simple questions we were able to capture that data and share that with each, when we say minutes on each of those calls, and they really felt that in the context.

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