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The Science and History of Communications


We don’t just develop the latest in VoIP technology and UC platforms.  A core value of our company is learning.  We also like to study the science and history of communications, its use, the way that it impacts society and other things we just find interesting and useful. There is a lot to learn about the way we communicate, how our minds process information, and ultimately better understand what makes us all so special. 

Here is a collection of articles that we hope you’ll find interesting and educational. 


Introduction To VOIP And Unified Communications 

Analog Phone Systems vs Digital Phone System 
PBX vs VoIP   
What’s the Meaning of PBX?   
Virtual Phone System Comparison   
What to Include in a VoIP Phone System RFP   
Virtual Auto Attendant   


Business Resources

The Business Communication Letter Writing Guide   
How to Write a Successful Business Plan   
Improving Your Business Communication Skills    
Business Resources for Entrepreneurs with a Disability   
Take Care of Business on the Cloud   
A Guide To Conference Calling With VoIP Phone Systems   


Communications History

The Telecommunications Act of 1996    
History of the Telephone and Communication with Businesses     
History of the Telegraph in Communications    
A Kid’s History of Telecommunications     
The History of the Telephone    
Historic Phone Systems    
The History of Telecommunication    
The History of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)   
Encoded Communications of World War II   
Learn About the Transatlantic Cable    
The History of Unified Communications: From the 1800s to Present Day
A History of Business Phone Systems


People and Communications

Phone Etiquette for Business Call   
Fostering Better Business Communication – Mind Maps & Graphic Organizers    
How to Make Collaboration and Communication in the Workplace Easier     
How to Prepare For a Phone Interview    
A Guide to Cold Calling Success    
Telephone Etiquette Tips   
How to Negotiate Over the Phone   
How To Hold a Business Conference Call  
Phone Safety Tips for Business and Personal Use   
American Sign Language and Other Deaf Communication Systems   


Important Figures in Telephony History

John Mitchell, Dr. Martin Cooper, and the Cell Phone  
Alexander Graham Bell and the History of the Telephone 
Elisha Gray and The Telephone   


Communications Technology and Science

A User’s Guide to the Cloud    
The Small Business Resource and Communication Guide   
Signal Processing & Speech Technology in VoIP Communication   
Web Communication Cryptography and Network Security
The Benefits of Telecommuting via Rich Unified Communications


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