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The Best Cloud Communication Solutions for Small Business

If you're looking for the best, you want a collaborative web, desktop, and mobile application that includes instant messaging, group chat, conferencing, screen and file sharing, task management, and more. With Mitel, you can enable your small business’s teams to be more productive and collaborative—in the office, remotely, or on the go.

The Benefits of Cloud Communications for Small Business

The cloud has changed the way businesses operate for the better. From large corporations through to small business, the cloud unlocks new ways to level the playing field when it comes to communications. In the modern world, small businesses can now implement technology that previously seemed beyond their capabilities. Here are some of the ways that small businesses can benefit from cloud communications:


1. Scalability

The scalability offered by cloud communications means that technology can be scaled to fit with the business’s needs and can grow alongside the business. This means that those who have concerns about cashflow and budget are able to downsize where needed. More importantly, as your business inevitably grows your cloud systems are able to grow at the same speed.


2. Productivity

The main goal of cloud communications is the ability to be agile and increase productivity through the combination of numerous business functions in a single app or system. For example, including instant messaging and file sharing helps offer employees everything they need to work efficiently from wherever they are in the world.


3. Enterprise-Level Features

The days of businesses having to pay vast sums of money in order to get use of the best technological features are gone. Cloud communications allow small businesses to move into the cloud without the need for substantial up-front investment and cut out the need for expensive hardware. With virtual PBX you can get the benefits of a much more expensive traditional PBX at a fraction of the price, bringing with it all of the features that have been available to enterprise-level businesses for many years, like receiving calls from anywhere in the world and setting up virtual meetings with team members in different locations.


4. Collaboration

The modern workforce must be agile enough to work from any location, and cloud communications facilitates this. Remote work takes places in a wide number of locations and traditional phone systems can make it difficult to bring these locations together. Cloud-based phone systems, as well as associated instant messaging and conferencing tools, make collaboration between teams and with customers easier than ever.



Ready for an easy-to-use hosted cloud collaboration tool for small business (SMB)? You're in luck.

The benefits of cloud communications and collaboration can be far-reaching, and when you use Mitel's tools, you can be assured that your small business will benefit from everything your employees need to make teams more collaborative and productive—wherever they are in the world.

Collaborate anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road, Mitel is always there with you. Providing small businesses with the flexibility you need to provide solutions to the logistical challenges posed by remote working and bringing employees together whether they’re working from. This is all achieved without the need for expensive hardware purchases that use up valuable budget.
Help employees spend less time trying to connect with colleagues and more time engaged in productive communications with customers with a single, unified experience. Include collaboration, video conferencing and messaging through one single tool, giving employees the options they need to make the right connections and remain agile.
Get a communications experience that’s consistent across all your devices, from your desktop to mobile device. Stop a conversation on one device and pick it up on another. It’s that simple.
Keep up-to-date on projects, assigned tasks and track the progress of activities with team members, all within a single application. Whether you’re working with a growing workforce or operating a small business, project management remains a simple task using the tools you need.

Key Features of Our Cloud Hosted Collaboration Tools for Small Business

  • Store/archive data by project, subject or person
  • Conversations mirrored across all devices in real time
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