For many of us, summer is a quieter time of year from a work perspective. Project deadlines are often a bit less daunting. People are a little more relaxed and lighthearted.

At first glance, the more relaxed summer season may not seem like the right time of year to tackle a new IT project. But that’s not the case. There are multiple reasons why it’s the perfect time to execute on critical IT projects: the move from your Mitel Cloud Solution to RingCentral Message Video Phone (MVPSM).

RingCentral MVP is the industry’s top unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution, and thanks to our strategic partnership with RingCentral, it’s now available to our customers. If you’re using a Mitel cloud solution, you’ve probably discussed the best time for your business to transition to RingCentral MVP and take advantage of its many benefits.

If you’re not already thinking summer is the right time to move to RingCentral MVP, here are five reasons to reconsider your timing.

1. We make migration easy

As I described in a previous blog, we’ve worked closely with the RingCentral team to make the migration from your Mitel cloud solution to RingCentral MVP as smooth, easy, and predictable as possible. We’ve thought carefully about every aspect of the migration and have developed a Migration Assist Package (MAP), providing detailed configuration information for Mitel cloud customers on your current services for review and use during MVP implementation.

If you’re a Mitel cloud customer, and you decide to migrate to RingCentral MVP, we’ll send you a MAP; it is automatically sent to the primary contacts on your Mitel customer account. 

We kept your experience and business needs front and center as we developed the migration process. For example:

  • We’re offering financial incentives and other time-limited promotions. 
  • We’ve developed migration tools that minimize business disruption.
  • You can continue to use your Mitel phones with RingCentral MVP to protect your investment and simplify staff training.

Best of all, we have representatives standing by and ready to help you at each step along the way. 

 2. There's less pressure

With the slower pace of summer, your IT teams likely have fewer competing projects and pressures than at other times of the year. This relative calm helps them focus on the migration. With fewer balls in the air, IT teams can devote more time to ensuring the technologies, training, and communications associated with the transition roll out smoothly and on schedule.

A little extra time to explore and experiment with the unified communications and collaboration features in RingCentral MVP is also helpful for staff. 

Instead of using new features spontaneously while under heavy deadline pressure or in a business-critical meeting, staff can take a more relaxed approach to incorporating new capabilities into their work life. They can try out new features in more casual work conversations or maybe take five minutes before a meeting to remind themselves where key features and buttons are located. 

3. Teams need to stay connected and productive over the summer

While summer is usually a less stressful time, it’s still essential for your teams to work as efficiently and productively as possible. It’s easy to be left behind by competitors who are faster to market, work more efficiently, and do more to keep their customers happy. 

With RingCentral MVP, your staff has secure and flexible access to unified voice, video, and data communications and task management from anywhere, using a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device. And they have integrated access to other essential business tools, such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. That means it’s faster, easier, and more convenient for them to keep projects moving in real-time under any circumstances. 

Maybe staff members are actively contributing to projects from a cottage, a beachside resort, or another country. Perhaps they need to attend that one critical customer meeting while on vacation or answer that fundamental question from the person filling in for them while they’re away. Whatever the case, RingCentral MVP helps your teams securely and reliably collaborate and work productively from anywhere so they can enjoy a better work-life balance — a top priority for businesses and staff — while still pushing your business forward. 

4. Summer sales are a beautiful thing

Speaking of security, reliability, and staff on the move, it’s probably fair to say that no one in your organization needs more reliable, mobile access to unified communications than your sales teams. Your competition may have turned the summer lull into a productivity lull, so it’s a great time to step in and close deals.

To clinch those summer sales, your staff members must focus entirely on convincing customers. They can’t afford to waste a minute troubleshooting communications issues, struggling with unreliable apps, or frantically trying to reconnect with customers after communications drop. These types of reliability challenges are incredibly frustrating for sales staff. 

More importantly, unreliable communications project the wrong image of your company to customers, who can see these issues as a reflection of your business competency. Their concerns can also lead to doubts about other aspects of your interactions, such as your ability to protect the business data they share.

With RingCentral MVP, no one in your organization or your customer’s organization ever needs to worry about reliability or security issues. RingCentral MVP:

  • Is always available, providing 99.999 percent uptime, even for HD video and audio communications
  • Provides seven layers of enterprise-grade security to protect data transfers at every level 
  • Complies with significant data privacy and protection regulations globally, including System and Organization Control (SOC), SOC 2, SOC 3, the Health Insurance
  • Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF)

5. You can hit the ground running in September

As the weather cools, the business will heat up again, and your teams will be ready to make the most of the opportunities before them. They’ll be thoroughly familiar with the more advanced and integrated collaboration and file sharing capabilities in RingCentral MVP and ready to leverage them to their full extent to work more efficiently and productively than ever.

You’ll be well on your way to unleashing the true power of cloud business communications to achieve your top business priorities. And you’ll be several steps ahead of the competition that delayed their migration. 

Get Started

Summer goes by all too quickly. Start your migration conversation with one of our experts today to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running in September.

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