5 Reasons to Get Excited About MiContact Center Business 10.0

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George Despinic | October 10, 2023

Mitel’s MiContact Center Business (MiCCB) release 10.0 is now available and packed with more features to satisfy customers and contact center agents. That’s good news for businesses when customers seek more personalized experiences, even as contact center agents feel less satisfied with their jobs. So, let’s look at five new features in MiCCB 10.0 designed to make everyone happy.

1. Improved Customer Callbacks

People in a hammock with cell phone

We’ve all experienced the frustration of spending minutes navigating an interactive voice response system only to learn that we’re the 20 people in the queue facing wait times of over 30 minutes. In MiCCB 10.0, we’ve eliminated that headache with our new text-activated customer callback feature. Now, callers can avoid the queue and send a callback request to the contact center via text. When the next available contact center agent is free, customers receive a callback and can even receive text updates on their wait status. MiCCB 10.0 lets your customers get on with their life without getting stuck waiting in the queue.

2. Streamlined Social Media Integration

Integrating Twilio and CM.com via Account Console

In earlier versions of MiCCB, businesses could integrate social media platforms such as Twilio and CM.com into their contact center experience through a Mitel Professional Services engagement. In 10.0, we’ve simplified the integration process so businesses and partners can do it themselves. From the account console, adding social media is as simple as opening a tab, choosing the type of media you want to route, selecting the queue you wish to route the media to, and you’re done. Businesses save time and money, and customers get the omnichannel experience they want.

3. An Improved User Interface

Ignite- inbox - 3 panels

Mitel’s Ignite user interface gets a makeover on MiCCB 10.0 with a cleaner look that’s easier to use and consistent across your Mitel applications. The new interface has the same look and feel as Mitel’s unified communications applications, such as MiCollab and Mitel One, allowing users to quickly become familiar with the interface.

MiCCB 10.0 also includes new ADA-508-compliant features that make operating more accessible for visually impaired people. In addition to making our Ignite user interface more readable, we’ve added mouse-free operations, screen reader support (i.e., JAWS), audio cues for navigation, and more to enhance the user experience and support the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

WCAG Support with JAWS

4. Customizable Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts Configuration

We heard from our customers that customizable notifications and alerts would help them manage their contact centers more efficiently, so we added those features in MiCCB 10.0. Call center managers can easily create custom audio and visual alerts, toaster pop-ups, and a complete alerts dashboard within the Ignite interface.

For example, imagine you want to notify your agents when more than five people are waiting in a voice, chat, email, SMS, or Open Media queue. In MiCCB 10.0, a call center manager could quickly create this alert around a specific threshold – over five people in the queue – and share it with agents to inform them that the customers waiting exceeded the threshold. How the alert is delivered (e.g., a visual notification, audible alert, or pop-up toaster), how long it stays on before it snoozes, and when it should be active (i.e., during business hours) is also completely customizable.

5. Integration with Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI Dashboard - 6 Mitel

Today’s businesses rely on data to measure success, inform business decisions, and improve operations. MiCCB release 10.0 is designed to help companies gain more insights from their call center data by integrating seamlessly with popular business intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau, Qlik, and Microsoft’s Power BI. Using the API provided, businesses can import call center data into the analytics tool of their choice to create custom reports, feed dashboards, and enhance business insights. We even include a Power BI template, like the one below, to help you get started.

A Ten Out of 10.0

With MiCCB 10.0, making your contact center platform uniquely your own has never been easier. This is the most customer- and agent-friendly version of MiCCB yet, with new features designed for today’s omnichannel contact center experience. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about Mitel contact center solutions.

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George DespinicSenior Product Marketing Manager – Contact Center

George is a 33-year veteran of the communication and contact center industries. He's worked at Nortel, Unify, [24]7.ai and now Mitel in various roles, including product management and marketing. Currently, he is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Mitel’s contact center portfolio and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping companies achieve an exceptional customer experience.

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