As Mitel closes out another eventful year, I wanted to share my thoughts regarding our recent UCaaS partnership news with RingCentral and Mitel’s tremendous opportunity going forward.

I am honored to lead Mitel’s talented global team forward and pleased to continue collaborating with Mary McDowell in her new role as chair of the Mitel board.

Mitel has an incredibly rich history of innovation in business communications. For years, the heart of our corporate strategy has been to meet customers wherever they are in their communications journey with world-class technology solutions and flexible options that help them modernize at their own pace while maximizing their current investments. As we look forward to 2022, that strategy hasn’t changed – in fact, we’re now more focused and better equipped than ever to achieve greater levels of success.

That starts with a fundamental commitment to supporting customers throughout their communications lifecycle. Together with our partners, Mitel has the experience and solutions to help each customer make the best choice for their business needs both today and in preparation for the future. In 2022 you will see us invest even more in programs to enable our customers’ success.

Our recent announcement of RingCentral as Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner plays a pivotal role in that strategy. Partnering with the market leader in UCaaS and leveraging our unique CloudLink technology to deeply integrate Mitel’s platforms with RingCentral’s award-winning MVP solution truly provides the most seamless and flexible path to the cloud available on the market.

It also allows Mitel to sharpen our focus. Admittedly, there has been some debate in the market as to whether this new chapter signals an expiration date for Mitel or a return to our past. To the contrary, I can confidently say that the partnership puts us in the strongest position in our history to innovate and win in the global UC market; a market which shows every sign of long-term strength.

Our goal is to drive a strong leadership position in today’s dynamic UC market through innovation and growth of our global on-premises, hybrid, subscription, and private cloud solutions. The UC market is massive and by combining proven solutions with the depth and expertise of our global partner community, I believe the opportunity for Mitel to not only better serve our customers, but to grow, is huge – and we intend to seize it.

We will do this by zeroing in on three core imperatives:

Expanding Our Global UC Business 

Mitel’s UC business is strong, and opportunities are ripe for innovation across our portfolio. A number of customers have already begun to leverage subscription model options we introduced earlier this year, and both the results and customer feedback have been very positive. We will also accelerate our CloudLink platform and gateways to deliver ongoing enhancements to our UC applications and solutions over the course of 2022. Further, we will be continuing to look at strategic acquisition targets in core and adjacent markets to complement our organic growth opportunities.  

UC Customer Lifecycle Management 

We are reaffirming our commitment to delivering best-in-class customer lifecycle management and see this as a critical priority for Mitel’s growth and success. When we do it well, the results are a win-win-win for Mitel, our partners and our customers regardless of which path – on-premises, hybrid, or cloud - they take.

Supporting our UC customers throughout their communications lifecycle includes everything from incorporating new, innovative features and cloud apps into on-premises solutions, moving to a hybrid solution, or supporting a seamless migration to the cloud. Our goal is to ensure every customer has a high degree of satisfaction and future-proof flexibility no matter what solution they currently use.  

Cloud to Cloud Migration

When it comes to the UCaaS market, our goal is quite simple: make it as seamless as possible for our MiCloud Connect and legacy UCaaS customers to upgrade to RingCentral’s award-winning MVP platform. With device integration and easy-to-use migration tools coming soon, that effort is well underway. We will continue to actively support MiCloud Connect and our legacy cloud platforms for the foreseeable future to ensure our customers have continuous service and an excellent experience throughout this transition. 

As 2021 draws to a close, I am full of energy, excitement and optimism for our opportunity, our global team, and our partners and customers.

We intend to innovate, surprise, delight, and exceed expectations. We have the experience, the people, the partners, and the passion to win big. More to come in the new year, but one thing I can promise you is that Mitel will not sit still. 


Tarun Loomba, President & CEO

Tarun Loomba

President & CEO

A Silicon Valley veteran, Tarun brings more than 20 years of experience building winning product and solution portfolios for software, hardware, network storage, data analytics, and cloud technology companies. Prior to being appointed CEO in November, 2021, Tarun served as Chief Product Officer, leading product strategy, delivery and operations for Mitel’s entire portfolio of cloud and on-site solutions including product management, research and development, customer support, global cloud operations and supply chain operations.

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