The National Ice Centre and Capital FM Arena Nottingham, the East Midlands’ hottest concert and sports venue, has selected ShoreTel for its UC platform and Contact Center. The ShoreTel solution will enable the organisation to move its ticketing system in-house and provide customer experience befitting the social networking age.

National Ice Centre’s primary aim is to entertain, while ensuring that customers’ overall experience is something to remember. We are pleased to help the organisation deliver a brilliant time to its patrons.

The premier event venue has two Olympic sized ice pads and is home to Capital FM Arena Nottingham, which hosts live music and sporting entertainment for audiences of up to 10,000 people. With the proliferation of digital technology, customers expect leisure and entertainment industry to keep pace with the digital revolution sweeping through the world and want an experience that is commensurate with the age of technology.

In order to raise the quality of customer experience as well as maximise revenue stream, the National Ice Centre decided to move its ticketing in-house. ShoreTel reseller Astro Communications helped identify the UC platform and Contact Center solution that met the recreational organisation’s needs.

The ShoreTel UC solution allows real time management of all communications channels – email, voice and Web chat – enabling a better and more responsive customer service platform. Previously staff had to log out of one channel of communication in order to access another. In addition, ShoreTel’s Web-based browser allows the venue staff access to the system from any location, facilitating a flexible work environment and improved response time; ensuring customer service operators are not bound to a single location.

 “Bringing our ticketing in-house has enabled us to optimise our revenue stream. We are now able to capture 100 percent of the booking fee on every ticket sold as opposed to only 25 percent when our ticketing system was outsourced. The entertainment and event sector is about facilitating a great time and it’s crucial for us that our customers have the best possible experience all the way through from planning, to booking the tickets as well as at the event. ShoreTel’s solution is simple, flexible and scalable and allows us to improve the quality of customer experience.”

- Rob Williams, IT director at the National Ice Centre.


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