Many important changes came in 2018. Companies across the globe prioritized digital transformation more than ever, increasingly leveraged Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and migrated their communications to the cloud. Mitel even became the first cloud technology provider to partner with Google to transform the customer experience.

As 2018 comes to a close, let’s look back at some important blogs from this year that cover these changes and more.

Top 10 Communication Trends In Hotel Technology For 2018

Perhaps one of the industries most impacted by the ever-changing technology landscape is hospitality. Trends like service automation and location-based services, among others, grew tremendously in popularity, providing hotels with the opportunity to streamline operations and improve the customer experience in brand new ways.
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The 9 Most Important Call Center Technology Trends To Watch In 2018

Call centers are at the frontlines of the customer experience, which means the technology that powers them is especially critical. From digital transformation to omnichannel communications to more remote call center agents, there were several standout call center trends in 2018 with serious staying power.
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Why More CFOs Are Shifting IT Investment From CapEx To OpEx

One of the biggest decisions a CFO makes about their company’s communications investment is whether to go with a capital expenditure (CapEx) or operating expenditure (OpEx) pay structure. In the past, many companies favored CapEx; however, nowadays CFOs are increasingly leading the charge toward OpEx, preferring the increased scalability, faster budgeting process and predictable monthly expenses.
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Ten Reasons Companies Are Moving To The Cloud in 2018

Businesses migrated their communications technology to the cloud in droves in 2018 – and are expected to continue to do so in 2019 – for several reasons. From cost and quality of service to disaster recovery and future-proofing, businesses in every industry are discovering how the cloud can help them improve their bottom line and remain on the cutting edge.
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How Machines Will Shape The Customer Experiences Of Tomorrow

Personalizing the customer experience is a popular business goal nowadays, and with good reason. Artificially intelligent contact centers and communications-enabled IoT technology, for example, can revolutionize the customer experience start to finish by making it customized and personable.
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