App overload. Ever heard of it? It’s real, and it’s sapping workforce productivity. 

In this new, always-on, hyperconnected digital world, we are being bombarded with notifications and communications left, right and center. The tools designed to help us stay on top of workflows and communicate with our colleagues are making us inefficient. Here’s a fun fact; two-thirds of workers lose an hour each day navigating between apps. That’s 32 days lost over a year!1

So, what’s the answer? Let’s look at the challenges and how to fix them.

App Overload is Draining time – and the Bottom Line

The average worker uses 35 different tools on the job, juggling back and forth between apps more than 1,100 times a day.1 All these interruptions disrupt the workplace Zen, constantly breaking employee flow and focus and stopping them from being fully immersed in the task at hand. According to research, 56% of workers surveyed find searching for information in different apps disruptive, while 31% say it causes them to lose their train of thought.2

And given that it can take 23 minutes to regain concentration after an interruption,5 all this downtime significantly impacts productivity. 

Chaos is Overwhelming Employees 

Business apps should make work life more manageable, helping everyone seamlessly collaborate and get the job done. Sounds perfect, right? Sadly, that’s not the reality. Across the globe, business apps are causing immense frustration. In the US, 66% of workers find the volume of communications at work a challenge to getting their job done.

Workers get so frustrated with navigating multiple apps that 53% would instead do household chores, and 52% pay bills.2 Given that over 50% of the workforce in nearly half of companies work from home, no one wants that!4 Wouldn’t you rather they were doing your work rather than housework?

Mastering Workplace Zen 

Businesses need to counteract app overload with a solution that enables workforces to quiet the chaos and achieve workplace Zen. 83% of employees agree that having access to one app for messaging, voice calling, and video meetings is ideal.3 Why? Because it’s a lot easier to keep your eye on the ball when there’s just one to focus on. When you’ve got multiple apps to juggle, something will inevitably get dropped. 

A unified experience is a key to bringing simplicity to today’s frenetic workplace. 

Streamline workers’ time – and your bills

So, we’ve established most workers want an all-in-one communications app to help simplify their workstreams. But the benefits of using one provider don’t end there.

Finding one vendor to serve all the business’ communication needs increases ROI and reduces the total cost of ownership. By bundling video conferencing, fax, SMS, chat, and contact center together, you’ll have just one bill and vendor to manage, freeing up your time and money to invest in your business. One supplier is a winner all around! 

Tame the chaos with Mitel and RingCentral MVP℠

Mitel’s new partnership with RingCentral™ helps banish the app toggling for good through RingCentral MVP℠. It’s a world-class cloud solution that integrates messages, video, and phone into one, creating a unified team communication and collaboration hub. Seamlessly switch from working on the desktop to tablet to mobile, simplify workflows with team messaging, share files, manage tasks, and more.

As well as helping you see a better return on your investment, Mitel removes the risk of migrating to RingCentral MVP℠ from Mitel Cloud Solutions. We smooth the transition and deliver up to a further $40K of migration cost savings by wavering early termination fees, providing free onboarding, and giving you the first three months of service.

Take a deeper dive into the challenges of app overload and start exploring the cure through our easily digestible infographic.



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