Happy New Year!

Hopefully you had an opportunity to spend time with your friends and family over the Christmas break. Christmas is a time that we look back and review the year that was, and give thanks for all that we have. In addition, we seize the New Year to set goals for the year that is about to be. Over the last two weeks I’ve done this on not only a personal level, but also a professional level.

Those that know me, know that I’m extremely technical in nature. I enjoy nothing more than reading a technical handbook or installation manual (Go, Go Geek Power!). Over the last few weeks, I have created my own list of technical questions about a particular Mitel solution that is new to my market place. I needed to find some answers, but this time I felt I needed to do something different.

I decided to call and chat with two fellow Mitel authorizedPARTNERS at random. One I had spoken to once or twice before; the other I have never met. My goal was simple – talk to someone and get answers to “real world” problems. See what is and isn’t working for them in the field. What configurations are they building for their customers? And find out what their customers were saying.

I decided to reach out to one Canadian and one U.S. Mitel authorizedPARTNER. I was pleased when I reached out to Mills Communications, Inc. of southern California. After only fifteen seconds on the phone, one of Mills’ technicians told me some of the tricks and tips they’ve found to be most helpful. “You need to go here, here and here, click on that, and add that.” Voilà! I was truly impressed by some of the techniques that Mills mentioned – some would have taken me some time to figure out.

My second call was to Minitel Communications in the Ottawa, Ontario area. Within a few short hours of sending an email to Minitel, I had two follow up emails and a phone call. Their response to my questions was incredible and it proved to be a great discussion about more than what I had originally called about! Again, I am glad I made the call.

Mitel has created an authorizedPARTNER community that is truly untouched in the industry. Having worked with other manufacturers in the past, I know that the other manufacturers have built large and successful channel programs. None have created the community amongst the channel partners like Mitel has.

As I originally said, it is this time of year that we give thanks for the people and things we have in our lives. I just wanted to take a few moments to thank Mills Communications and Minitel Communications for their support this past week – and also thank the rest of my fellow Mitel authorizedPARTNERS that work so closely with us to ensure each other’s success. Mitel has an amazing channel program and I feel honored to be a part of it. It’s more than just being product authorized – it’s about PARTNERSHIP.

Mitel’s authorizedPARTNER program is much more than just “being authorized” or just “being a dealer.” Mitel’s authorizedPARTNER program is about partnering with an industry-leading telecom software company that has amazing products and solutions. It’s about partnering with a community of very knowledgeable and highly-skilled fellow authorizedPARTNERs that span the globe. It’s about being on the leading-edge of enterprise communications and partnering with people that can help you grow your business. As I said, I’m proud to be part of Mitel’s authorizedPARTNER community and thrilled to work my fellow authorizedPARTNERs.

As I close, I want to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming Mitel Business Partner Conference (BPC) 2013 that is planned for June 25 to 27, 2013 in Hollywood, Florida at The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa. Make sure to check Mitel.com in March for registration and event details. Hopefully you take some time to join the Mitel community - It’s a great opportunity to come together and partake in a fun, engaging, and meaningful conference.

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