On the whole it is in the best interests of local authorities to outsource their means of communication, while taking into account organisational constraints. The prime objective is to entrust the management of data and applications to professionals in hosting, information management, telecoms operation and integration. Virtualization techniques have reached levels of performance that make applications readily accessible. Features such as flexibility, modular design, energy footprint, flat rate billing and ‘pay as you go’ models are all convincing arguments for decision-makers. However, the outsourcing of data must be well managed and securely controlled to ensure confidence in the partnerships undertaken with professionals. We propose three distinct models for collaboration:

  • Pooling infrastructure and applications with other clients,
  • Dedicated private Cloud-based hosting,
  • A hybrid solution to limit and control risks.

Clients must be able to choose, depending on the critical nature of tasks and the availability of applications. Our analysis enables clients to make strategic decisions on the basis of all the important factors (risks, opportunities, impacts on human resources, advantages and drawbacks, investment and operating costs) when deciding to outsource infrastructure, in part or in full.

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