Are you a service business? In the world of customer experience, that’s a rhetorical question. Beyond traditional service businesses, such as doctors’ offices or spas, most companies actually are service organizations at their core. No matter what product you might sell, the level of service you provide is a key factor whether customers decide to stay or go. In fact, today, poor service costs businesses more than $75 billion a year.

Fortunately, you’ve got a number of options to pick from if you want to improve the quality of service you provide to customers. One of the easiest ways to raise the bar is to adopt business VoIP. This technology works both with customer-facing interactions and behind the scenes in the back office to make communications easier and more effective. You can wow your customers with five-star service from first contact to satisfied purchase, with a business VoIP solution like MiCloud Connect.

If you’re looking to improve your customer experience, but you’re not sure where to start, here are two detailed, real-world examples of how companies have used business VoIP to exceed customer expectations.

The business VoIP transformation

Orion Township is a Michigan community that wanted to replace a failing legacy phone system with a flexible and reliable communications solution. Communications are obviously critical for the township to provide the level of service its residents expect. When the voicemail on the already-troublesome existing phone system broke, officials knew it was time to make a change.

The Township Supervisor’s office, which oversees key municipal operating agencies such as the police and public works, needed an affordable, robust and flexible communications solution. It’s critical for Orion Township to be able to communicate between employees and residents, and its residents were fed up. Here’s how Orion Township saved the day with business VoIP:

Collaboration: The township hall, community center, fire, police and public works departments now securely and seamlessly interact with each other and with residents with instant messaging, audio and video conference calling, web collaboration and desktop sharing. Orion Township can manage all of these channels through one unified communications solution, making it simple for employees in different locations to connect with each other, share ideas and solve issues quickly.

Efficiency: Employees now quickly find department phone numbers and dial four-digit extensions. Microsoft Outlook integration makes scheduling breeze. In a nutshell, communication is easier and happens more quickly.

Mobility: As you’d expect, township employees are often on the go. Orion Township can now keep its employees connected no matter where they are, with a mobile app that allows for conferencing, video calling, instant messaging and even online meetings. As important, privacy remains intact on mobile devices, with personal numbers undisclosed. So a town representative can take a call while cruising Lake Orion without sharing their personal number.

Pretty close to perfect with business VoIP

NJ SHARES is a statewide non-profit that provides temporary assistance to those who need help paying their energy bills. In addition, the organization offers services around counseling, nutrition, housing and employment. When its phone system began dropping calls, customers got vocal about their level of frustration. Business VoIP came to the rescue and set a new standard of service. What’s this new system give NJ SHARES?

An online portal that allows employees to change their own voice messages while administrators add, change or delete representatives.

The ability to move reps virtually from one queue to another, allowing them to respond to call volume without having to physically move seats between service centers.

Choice for customers, who can opt to wait in a queue or access frequently asked questions. That frees up agents to help callers with more demanding questions.

NJ SHARES has concrete facts to prove its customer service has improved since the business VoIP system was installed. One of its call centers raised its incoming call percentage to 99.7 percent, all thanks to the MiCloud Connect Contact Center business VoIP solution.

Yes, you are a service business

If you’re still wondering if you’re a service business, we’ll answer the question for you. Yes, you are! Customers have an endless array of options when it comes to making purchases, contracting for services or just supporting an organization in any way. What makes your business stand out is the level of service you provide.

Many factors go into providing exceptional service. They go beyond answering phones quickly. Yes, that’s important, but so are many other factors. How easy is it for internal employees to communicate and do their jobs? Can they readily share information and ideas? Do they have to switch applications to access information or other methods of communication? Can they leave the office and still be in contact with colleagues and customers, no matter where they are or what device they’re using?

Business VoIP phone systems allow you to answer yes to all of these questions. They enable you to offer five-star service, whether your customers are residents, people in need or more traditional shoppers. Rather than lose part of that $75 billion to poor service, you can claim a piece of those dollars with a business VoIP system that makes you stand out.

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