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Digital Transformation | May 24, 2018

Cloud communications is reinventing the way businesses work by streamlining the way people collaborate, both within the organization and with others globally.

Digital Transformation | May 23, 2018

Stadiums must compete with newer, more advanced venues. Learn how unified communications keeps your operation innovative and flexible.

Digital Transformation | May 07, 2018

By deploying cloud communications across complex supply chain nodes, manufacturers increase efficiency, drive up profits and lower costs.

Digital Transformation | May 03, 2018

There’s a growing argument, however, that operating expenses (opex) have distinct advantages over capital expenditures (capex) that have made it a favored investment approach by finance departments and CFOs.

Digital Transformation | April 27, 2018

Five questions to ask to determine which cloud environment – public, private or hybrid – makes the most sense for your company.

Digital Transformation | April 18, 2018

Hospitality brands ensure a positive customer experience when they leverage technology that enhances personalization at key moments of the traveler’s journey.

Digital Transformation | April 13, 2018

Cloud communications is transforming businesses every day due to its flexibility and scalability.

Digital Transformation | April 09, 2018

Retailers can ensure higher customer satisfaction by getting employees and suppliers on the same page. That means investing in collaboration technology.

Digital Transformation | April 04, 2018

By leveraging advances in technology to meet guest expectations while also lowering costs, SIP trunking is a cost-effective communications solution for hotels.

Digital Transformation | April 02, 2018

You might think your business needs to move to the cloud but how can you prove it? In this post we show you how to make a business case for cloud communications

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