A lot has been written about how Red Funnel Ferries upgraded from a voice-only Cisco system to a Mitel multi-media contact center.

However, before this could happen, a lot of work went on behind the scenes to ensure everybody understood exactly what Red Funnel wanted to achieve and that realistic expectations were set.

A large amount of the credit should go to Mitel partner Charterhouse Voice and Data, who were deeply involved in the discovery process to scope the shortfalls of the existing system and how the latest technology could deliver on the customer service vision that Red Funnel management are rightly so passionate about.

This might seem like a simple task. However, the reality is that the technology is just one part of the jigsaw puzzle. The business partner also needed to develop a thorough understanding of the company, its people and processes.

In the case of Red Funnel, this meant understanding how they worked over multiple locations, how calls and other media might need to move between those locations and that the contact center is a completely mission-critical part of the organization’s infrastructure.

There are often other internal barriers to success that benefit from a third party helping to bring the decision-makers together. For instance, directing all the multi-media channels into the contact center sounds straightforward enough, but what if the departments currently managing them don’t want to give them up?

A typical scenario we hear time and time again is that marketing doesn’t want to lose control of company social media accounts, so this can often involve a pilot program where one account moves over to the contact center for a trial period before they’re willing to slowly let go of the reins.

Likewise, social media monitoring can often be seen as an unnecessary expense until the contact center can prove its usefulness in improving customer engagement, pre-empting problems and driving up satisfaction ratings.

Don’t take our word for it—watch the Charterhouse team tell their part of the story in this short video.

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