Avaya has announced the end of hardware support for the CS1000M is coming in June 2018.* Nortel PBXs were very popular for a wide range of medical facilities, so the end of support for the CS1000M harware is quite significant. Without hardware support for the CS1000M product, these systems can fall out of service, which can threaten your accreditation with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Who does the end of hardware support for the CS1000M impact?

First things first: who does the end of support actually impact?

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Doctor groups
  • Outpatient medical facilities
  • Laboratories

In addition to these standard players, smaller facilities who have deployed the CS1000Ms in conjunction with discontinued BCM groups will need to plan accordingly as well. The BCM is currently scheduled for end of support in October 2018.

When do I need to replace my CS1000M?

The CS1000M hardware is scheduled for end of support in June 2018, while a firm date for the CS1000E hasn’t been established. For customers with the CS1000M, plans to replace the CS1000M need to start today to be ready for the transition. 

What should I replace my CS1000M with?

Transitioning from one installed telephony system, particularly one that has been in place for as long as decades, is no small feat. The key is to invest in a solution that will integrate with as much of your current investment as possible, and that will provide ongoing support and create as little disruption for your users as possible.

For many, if not most, CS1000M healthcare customers, basic telephony is a critical capability. Choosing a solution that minimizes disruptions, installation issues, user training and other migration drag factors will be the key to a successful transition.

Learn more about the best replacements for the CS1000M >

Need help migrating?

Transitions are never easy, but with the right partner, your transition can run as smoothly as possible. And transitions like this can be a great opportunity to take stock of your communications infrastructure and strategic plan. Look for communications partners who are willing to work with the investment you’ve already made into your system, and who can operate with your existing ethernet and non-ethernet phone lines to deliver the features of an IP phone no matter what infrastructure you’re starting with.

For healthcare facilities looking to replace the CS1000M, MiVoice Business is the best option. For larger healthcare facilities looking to move to the cloud, MiCloud Enterprise gives you the best path forward.

Whatever solution you choose, make sure the planning starts today. Migrating from one system to the next takes time, and your facility cannot afford to miss a day.


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