According to Business News Daily, a recent analyst report,  states that half of U.S. "information workers" now divide their time between the office, home and other remote locations.

For a long while, mobile workers were thought to be the forever-traveling exec or salespeople – with their car trunks expertly packed to serve as an on-the-go office. But recent years have brought forth the mobile revolution.

Meet me: the new mobile worker. I travel maybe once a quarter at most. But I need/want to be connected at all times. I look for connectivity capabilities at home, in conference rooms or on a flight. I have a smartphone (an iPhone to be specific) and a laptop. Both are mine – do I really want to be bothered carrying around multiple devices? (Short answer, no. I just want my corporate apps on my personal gizmos and gadgets.)

This week we announced an update to ShoreTel Mobility. IT professionals can now empower their users with enterprise UC on the most popular smartphones, leveraging the IP PBX platform that they already have – all while reducing costs and securing enterprise communications. It eliminates the chaos of BYOD.

We’ve shared the reasons why ShoreTel Mobility rocks. So last week, when I traveled for business, I decided to live tweet my own experience with the brilliantly simple ShoreTel solution.

  • Arrived at airport for business trip. Vaguely sure I know where I’m going. I’ve got details and boarding pass on my phone.
  • Backing out of gate. Really wish I wasn’t on the red eye. Emails & calls still coming fast & furious about this week’s trip.
  • Absolutely loving #ShoreTelMobility. Was able to use soft phone & in-flight Wi-Fi to call and say goodnight to my kids.
  • I have decided not to put an out of office email notice up. I may be out but I’m always on
  • Guy sitting next to me is writing todo notes to himself. I’m actually getting stuff done!
  • Well, hell. I think I left my phone in the cab. Luckily #ShoreTelMobility can wipe any corporate data with a single click. But still – DRAT!
  • Good news! Know you were concerned. Phone found. Turns out I’d just put it away. That never happens – it’s my 3x5 office
  • Realized I didn’t have colleague’s phone number to meet up. Yay Call Manager! (Luckily able to remember name on no sleep.)
  • @proshan (#ShoreTelMobility VP) sitting at breakfast with 4 phones. If only there was an app that allowed you have only 1 phone...
  • Yes, I am in fact sitting in mtg w/ laptop, iPad & iPhone in front of me. None provided by the co. #ShoreTelMobility #BYOD
  • Just chased down bellman trying to help with luggage. #ShoreTelMobility auto switched cell to VoIP. Nice some things are seamless
  • Just finished up a conference call at the hotel. Roomphone quality was so bad, used my #ShoreTelMobility smartphone instead.
  • Switching over from my business persona to personal for a few to call the family back home. #ShoreTelMobility - seriously that simple.
  • RT @angryitman: You know you use @shoretel Communicator too much when you start doing your Google searches in the Communicator app. #DOH!
  • Don't hesitate to call! #ShoreTelMobility will put you straight through to right vm. I'm resting up for tomorrow's technical adventures.
  • New York State of Mind! Big Apple-bound and a big hello to all our East Coast partners & customers. #ShoreTelMobility
  • It is pouring. #ShoreTelMobility = waterproof. My phone = not.
  • Mobile apps can say a lot about a person. #ShoreTelMobility says I'm hyperconnected. What other apps do you have?
  • OH: "Is ShoreTel a Mac shop now?" Nope! Living the #BYOD lifestyle we preach.
  • OH: "Work is something you do, not someplace you go." EXACTLY! This is what we've been saying! #ShoreTelMobility
  • Completing 80s movie trifecta. #ShoreTelMobility fully functional on planes, trains and automobiles. (Currently tweeting on a train.)

All true. And seriously brilliantly simple.

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