Delegating is an essential part of success in today’s fast-paced, mobile marketplace. Unless it’s organized by the right people, at the right time, it can become more of a burden than a benefit. Delegating work to other people sounds great in theory, but we can sometimes struggle to release control. Who should be working on what? Was the previous task completed? What is the current status of that project?

It takes time to send out assignments, but you can’t do everything yourself. Having help gives you greater freedom in your day. With less work on your plate, you can better prioritize your own goals. Before you can reach that point, a system must be put in place to ensure all delegated work is completed in a timely manner.

For a business to succeed, it needs to be able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and effortlessly, as if all members of the team were in the same room, especially when they cannot be. Eighty-six percent of workers reported that a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication was responsible for workplace failures and almost 15 percent of total work time is wasted because of ineffective or inefficient communications.

Today, employees tend to use multiple disconnected applications to interact with each other, scattering essential information required for delegating responsibilities across multiple platforms. Using different systems makes delegating a slow and bumpy ride. With a single system to create and assign tasks, message as well as share work, you can ensure your team is ´┐╝on the ball.


Delegating is made easier with Mitel Teamwork, where you can create focused group workspaces based on projects or teams, either public or private. Accessible by PC as well as the mobile app, team members can be updated from anywhere, at any time. Send messages and track conversations, share content and files plus add new members to workspaces as required. Working as a team is made simple, keeping information flowing through your organization seamlessly, in one place, so that work can get done faster, smarter, without getting bogged down by email chains.


Equipping employees with virtual workspaces, Teamwork is a place where employees can come together to work closely and communicate effectively from anywhere. Send group messages to announce updates to team members, as well as alert specific users with @mentions, even start a conference call, if necessary. The mobile app for iOS and Android enables teams to always stay connected, with conversations mirrored across all devices. Mitel Teamwork provides organizations with a place where employees can message and interact with each other, but it’s more than just a messaging app.


Virtual workspaces allow teams to collaborate from anywhere, to create and assign tasks, set priorities, check progress, and ensure everyone is kept up to date, from anyplace, at any time. Personal dashboards for every user ensure they are always in the loop, alerting them to what activities require immediate attention. Data can be stored or archived by project, subject or person.

Helping to improve the speed and quality of decisions being made within your organization, Teamwork simplifies the way employees chat, meet and share information with others by bringing together messaging and collaboration tools into a single solution, empowering teams to be productive from anywhere.

The seamless flow of information throughout your team is what can help you delegate responsibilities and ensure that all projects are successful in today’s fast-paced, mobile marketplace.

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