Early Delivery of Initial Mitel 6900 Certification for RingCentral MVPSM

Mitel is pleased to announce that its flagship Mitel 6900 IP Phones are now officially certified with RingCentralTM’s industry leading MVP cloud communications platform. Over the past 5 months since RingCentralTM and Mitel announced their strategic partnership, the organizations have leveraged the unique depth of the commitment to accelerate certification of Mitel’s 6920, 6930, and 6940 IP Phone models.

Delivering more than certification

As you would expect in the unified communications environment, the insight is in the details. Mitel and RingCentralTM are not just bringing basic certification to the market. The Mitel phone experience is important to preserve, and certification extends beyond the basic Bring Your Own Device feature set. Initial Mitel and RingCentralTM certification includes advanced features such as assisted provisioning integration, Busy Lamp Field (BLF), call recording, common phone (hot desking), analytics, and many more. This now unlocks further migration opportunities for Mitel customers who have selected RingCentral MVPSM, the best-in-class UCaaS service — according to Gartner Magic Quadrant — as their UCaaS provider of choice.

In addition, Mitel and RingCentralTM are now able to seamlessly migrate existing MiCloud Connect customers, who choose RingCentral MVPSM, via Mitel’s Certified Provisioning and Configuration.  Seamless migration removes the barriers of managing SIP credentials, assigning phones to users and manually entering in MAC address information per device into the provisioning system.  Mitel provides seamless migration when adopting RingCentral MVP.

The Mitel 6905, 6910 and 6970 deskphones, which are part of the esteemed Mitel 6900 IP Phone series, can already be distributed today on RingCentral MVPSM as BYOD, but then with fewer features supported. These phones are planned to evolve from BYOD to RingCentralTM certified devices with full feature set during 2022.

Mitel customers currently being served by other Mitel platforms can choose to adopt RingCentral MVPSM and leverage Mitel 6900 phones. Currently, the migration deployment for those customers is via a customer self-deployment process only. Mitel and RingCentralTM continue to forge forward to develop these migration capabilities for all Mitel Platforms and geographies.

A great way to jumpstart your migration process

On November 10th 2021, RingCentral and Mitel announced a strategic partnership to enable customers to transition seamlessly to cloud-based Unified business communications. Since that announcement, Mitel R&D has accelerated plans to certify Mitel 6900 IP Phones and has reached certification ahead of planned expectations.

Customers who use Mitel 6920, 6930 & 6940 phones in the United States and Canada can adopt RingCentral MVPSM and use these phones with their new service. Existing RingCentralTM customers can also adopt Mitel 6900 phones by purchasing them through a channel partner who supplies Mitel 6900 phones and RingCentral MVPSM.

Both companies are now forging ahead with the next phases of certification and migration development. Geographically, certification for Mitel 6920, 6930 & 6940 phones is expected to be completed for the United Kingdom in the coming weeks and in other countries later this year.

For the auto provisioning and configuration migration tools for Mitel’s Unified Communications call control platforms (eg MiVoice Business, MiVoice Office 400, MiVoice Office 250), Mitel and RingCentralTM R&D continue to work diligently toward the delivery of a seamless migration process and expect to have that available later this year.

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