The pain is real – growth pain, that is. When you’re a small organization undergoing rapid expansion, it’s especially hard to maintain high productivity when communications among employees and clients isn’t flowing smoothly. If you’re experiencing this now, this story about Minnie’s Food Pantry will strike a chord. 

Minnie’s Food Pantry is a non-profit that delivers healthy meals to families experiencing food insecurity. It started with a 500-square-foot facility, but as demand increased, it grew to occupy almost 17,000 square feet. By the time it was delivering almost 8.5 million meals, Minnie’s was struggling to communicate with employees, donors and the families it served. Yes, the organization’s reach expanded—but so did its gaps in communications.

The non-profit needed a way to close these gaps, and VoIP phones proved to be the answer. An all-in-one hosted VoIP solution provided Minnie’s with the collaboration tools and mobile apps it needed to keep its team connected and increase productivity. Today, it’s able to meet the growing demand for its services in a highly efficient way.

As Minnie’s experience demonstrates, VoIP phones can be game-changers for small teams and businesses. An integrated VoIP phone solution that enhances collaboration with intuitive, easy-to-use technology, like MiCloud Connect, will improve business outcomes and also help SMBs compete with the “big guys.” Here’s a deep dive into how VoIP phones help Minnie’s and other small businesses close their communications gaps.

Enhance Collaboration Without Sacrificing Mobility

With VoIP phones, everyone in your company stays connected no matter where they work. Using a smartphone mobile application, your employees take their in-office phone capabilities wherever they go.

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For instance, VoIP phones allow employees to seamlessly transfer calls across devices and tap into features such as audio, web and video conferencing, group messaging and SMS to instantly connect to the office. With an integrated VoIP phone system, remote workers can communicate and collaborate as if they’re standing in the same room as their HQ colleagues.

Even better, they can immediately serve customers and clients whether they’re in the office, at home or traveling.

Focus on Business, Not Your Phone Service

Because VoIP phones are easy to deploy, your employees will transition to your new system with minimal disruption and an expedited timeline. The modern and intuitive user interface is easy to manage for administrators and users, so minimal training is required. That means your staff will spend more time on the big picture and less time on menial tasks. With new technology that’s updated regularly, frustrating service problems and dropped calls become things of the past. 

And, your VoIP phone system will never miss a call, whether it’s from a customer or an important business partner. It enables your business to keep track of call data in an automatic, stress-free way. On top of that, native integrations with the leading CRMs mean your contact center can run at full throttle. For example, call and customer histories are integrated so you can analyze the data and uncover insights that will help your team make more meaningful connections with customers and prospects.

As your small business expands, your VoIP phone solution adapts to your changing needs. You can add functionality, employees or locations as needed. Because there are no physical landlines required for VoIP phones, the systems are incredibly cost-effective to scale.

Improve Your Bottom Line

VoIP phones also deliver the benefits of unified communications without a steep investment. When you move your phone system to the cloud, you can manage your IT budget as an operating expenditure (OpEX). Instead of incurring hard costs for equipment that may become obsolete within a couple of years, you pay only for the capacity you need at the moment. Thus, as requirements change, it’s easy to scale – a huge advantage if you’re undergoing rapid growth.

Another benefit of the OPEX model? Your VoIP phone provider is responsible for technical support, reducing the need for your IT team to manage upgrades and maintenance. As a result, they’re more productive.

For small businesses and teams on the cusp of greatness, the pain may be real, but not necessarily something they have to live with. With an integrated VoIP phone solution, you’ll close your communications gaps and start operating – effortlessly – just like the big guys.

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