In today’s digital age, customers are more technically inclined than ever before and that has dramatically changed the way they contact your business.

As opposed to simply phoning your business, they may send you an email, a text message, a chat over the Internet or even reach out to you through Twitter or Facebook. Regardless of the way customers contact your business, you need your agents to be just as responsive as they would be on the phone.

With a multimedia contact center, you allow your customers to contact you in the channel of their choice, which is a key step in creating happy customers. Equally as important, you can enable your agents to handle multiple contacts simultaneously.

For example, agents could handle a voice call, two emails and a couple of Web chats at once, which boosts agent productivity and lowers customer wait times.

A multimedia contact center also steers customers to the lowest cost channel of service. For example, a customer purchasing a product or service from your website costs you approximately 24 cents per transaction, whereas a customer purchasing the same product or service over the phone costs you about seven dollars per transaction.

Flexible communications and efficient service are what customers want, expect and value. They are more likely to remain loyal if doing business with you is easy.

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