Years of growth. Striving for digital transformation. A complex network of communications equipment from multiple vendors. Sound familiar?

Like many companies, Mitel requires stellar service quality and minimal downtime. After tremendous growth and change that increased network complexity, the company needed an innovative solution at its network operations center, which monitors all Mitel customers’ cloud communications technology.

Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) was chosen for its ability to monitor the performance of the entire network, identifying issues and alerting admins rapidly. The deployment was the largest MPA deployment yet and supports Mitel’s ongoing digital transformation efforts.

What A Difference MPA Makes

Deployed in over 5,000 networks around the globe, MPA provides quick resolution tools like secure remote access and active testing capabilities that make it simple to manage locations seamlessly. Whether there are eight or 800 users, voice quality stays clear and downtime is minimized.

Cenydd Burden, Director of Service Delivery, oversees Mitel’s corporate business communications network. He says, “We’ve been using MPA since 2010, but it really became a game changer for us after acquisitions grew our network from 1,400 to over 5,000 users. Growing organizations like ours have flexibility with the MPA multi-tenant container architecture.”

He adds that regional admins can access devices from anywhere, and devices can be moved easily between containers. Plus, data can be consolidated in one central place.

“We can also share information more easily amongst our many regional offices,” Cenydd continues. “The addition of MiVoice MX-ONE support checks off another box for many of our global locations, and with configurable SNMP device monitoring we can now monitor just about any device, anywhere in the world.”

MPA Moving Forward

Evolving with customer feedback, MPA’s latest release addresses the need to know not only when a problem occurs, but where. Voice quality problems – delay, echo and jitter, for example – can be caused by a variety of events, from congestion to improper configuration. For faster problem resolution, MPA now monitors third-party devices like routers and servers in the network infrastructure, in addition to Mitel solutions.

MPA is available as part of the Mitel Premium Software Assurance subscription, enabling you to proactively monitor and manage your entire network and identify voice and network quality concerns before business-impacting outages arise.

Many businesses today in North America are undergoing rapid growth and searching for ways to digitally transform. MPA is providing organizations like Harrow School and Swisher Hygiene ways to grow and still maintain a healthy network, meeting and exceeding growing customer expectations.

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