Unless you work in the entertainment or hospitality industry, as the long, hot days of summer drag on, you may be worried about your sales slowing down. Everyone you contact seems to be either on vacation, about to leave for vacation, or just got back from vacation. So ask yourself: how can your company ramp up sales during generally quiet times of year?

Yes, business is seasonal – but luckily its performance isn’t entirely out of your hands. The trick? Implementing a VoIP phone solution.

Make your summer sales sizzle with intelligent and easy-to-use hosted VoIP services that enhance productivity and keep your salespeople linked to both prospects and customers. A VoIP phone solution can help you and your team work smarter, not harder, which means you keep your quotas up, even when summer days are at their laziest and haziest.

Stay Cool, Calm and Connected

For instance, think of your salespeople. They’re great under pressure, juggling different tasks and constantly closing deals. They’re up before the sun, fueled by iced coffee and bagels, ready to start the work day because, as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. So how can a VoIP phone solution help them conquer the challenges of a slow summer?

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Salespeople check their emails even before they dress for success. Needless to say, their apps need to be blazingly fast and easy to use. Because they’re always on the move, they need the ability to seamlessly transfer calls between devices. A mobile app ticks all of these boxes.

Upon arriving at the office, salespeople typically jump into team meetings to get focused on their goals for the day. With videoconferencing, a co-worker who’s traveling won’t miss out on the morning discussion. Also, it’s especially important not to miss a beat when sales slow down. With VoIP, out-of-office employees continue to stay connected throughout the day, collaborating through persistent workspaces and group chat.

Out of the Sun and on to the Cloud

Reliability is paramount for salespeople. They need to be completely focused on making sales and closing deals, not troubleshooting their phones. They can be confident with MiCloud Connect because it’s built on Google Cloud.

Cloud-based communications simplify everyday interactions like chat, video and voice calling. Plus, the cloud is safe and secure, with continuous back-ups of critical sales prospecting data and research.

Gain and Retain Summer Customers

Relationship-building is an integral part of a salesperson’s job. With so many current and potential customers, they need flawless records and detailed customer profiles. When your CRM is integrated with your VoIP phone solution, salespeople have ready access to all the information they need to personalize their conversations – even when it’s the customer calling your office.

The details of any sales call are a critical component of relationship building. VoIP phone solutions not only track call records, but also allow salespeople to attach their notes so they can follow up more effectively in the future. Employees can even record calls to play back whenever there’s a need to reference them.

As the sales day comes to a close and salespeople prepare to exit the air conditioning and step out into the sun’s warm embrace, they’ll review the day’s work and tie up any loose ends. They gain renewed confidence that they won’t drop a call, won’t lose track of important client information and, most importantly, won’t miss a sale.

A VoIP phone solution gives salespeople the tools they need to make more calls, send more emails and collaborate more efficiently. That, in turn, will fire up your summer sales.

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