High-performance organizations out-distance their competitors with a combination of people, tools, technologies and processes. They achieve exceptional results not only in revenue, but in customer service, productivity and nearly all aspects of their operations. Among their most important tools is unified communications, which is quickly becoming a game-changer.

The benefits of unified communications include reduced costs, better customer service, improved employee collaboration, higher productivity and nimbler mobile support. Put another way, UC solutions contribute to the bottom line in more ways than one, even while increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

Let’s see how three organizations use unified communications to outperform their competition.

Liverpool FC wins big with UC

Liverpool Football Club is one of the Premier League’s top teams, not only because of its performance on the field, but the way it operates off the field as well. When the organization wanted to improve the fan experience and boost the staff’s productivity and collaboration, they selected a powerful unified communications system.

The club aims to integrate its UC solution with existing business applications, such as CRM systems and Outlook. That means customer service agents will have access to detailed information whenever a fan calls. Agents will resolve issues quickly and create a more personalized conversation to increase satisfaction and loyalty. Omnichannel support will allow fans to engage with the club through their preferred medium.

Advanced contact center features like call recording and analytics will allow managers to properly schedule staff during peak call times. Recordings will serve as the basis for training, identifying areas that need improvement. Call routing will connect fans with the right person the first time, reducing wait times and caller frustration. Especially during promotional periods, scripting modules will make agents more productive.

Meanwhile, a single communications portal will deliver identical experiences on desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets. Staff members will collaborate through messaging, audio, video and other channels, improving collaboration even when the team is on the road.

Unified communications will create a more engaged fan base while making it easier and more efficient for staff to work together. With UC, Liverpool FC will always be at the top of its game.

Tottenham Hotspur scores with UC

Another top team in the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur needed a modern communications system for its new world-class sports and entertainment stadium. A contact center built on unified communications opened new doors for agents, allowing them to seamlessly engage with fans across multiple channels and deliver a superior level of service.

Dynamic extensions allow staff to turn their mobile devices into extensions of their desk phone. Agents can manage simultaneous interactions on a variety of channels through a unified web-based desktop, or even work within their CRM. Navigating between fewer applications improves productivity and increases employee satisfaction. Expected wait time and queue position announcements, along with scheduled and real-time callbacks, show fans how much the team values their time. Alerts notify managers when service falls below a certain standard so they can immediately redirect resources.

The UC solution also provides a consistent experience, whether in the stadium, at the office or on the road. Providing just one system to learn across the entire organization increases productivity and improves efficiency. For remote workers, secure teleworking provides complete access to the system. Technical flexibility allows the club to plan for future needs.

Tottenham Hotspur fans and employees reap the benefits of UC but, more importantly, the organization as a whole stays ahead of the competition with a flexible and powerful system that keeps employees and fans connected and the club ready for the future.

MLB® and UC make history in London

Communications is critical for Major League Baseball®, particularly during game time. Calls from the clubhouse to the press room relay information on roster changes. The dugout calls the bullpen to summon relief pitchers. The clubhouse contacts the dugout regularly to share important information. And let’s not forget the Replay Review system, in which umpires and officials communicate with the Replay Operations Center in New York during a reviewable call.

All these game-time communications demand the same thing: reliable and instant connections. To get them, MLB® looked to UC, implementing the same system across all 30 ballparks. Players and staff now have a unified and consistent experience, whether at a home game or on the road. Calls always go through, so that relief pitcher can be summoned and that play can be reviewed.

Now, MLB® is gearing up to make history, bringing the great American pastime to London for the first time. Alongside the Mitel & MLB Present London Series 2019 games, the league’s bringing an advanced unified communications platform to power calls at London Stadium during this epic series, making sure communications remain consistent, reliable and immediate on and off the field. They know what tools and technology they need to perform, and if that means taking it with them across the pond, they do it.

Productivity, efficiency, collaboration, employee satisfaction, customer service and loyalty—these are the high performer’s qualities. Unified communications plays a major role in helping these organizations deliver a superior level of service while also making work easier and more efficient.

If you want to compete with the best, you need to learn from the best. The lesson here is clear: organizations that have their sights set on success should look to an innovative UC system to reach – and beat – their goals.

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When The Game Is On The Line – Both In The United States And United Kingdom – MLB™ Trusts Mitel, Its Official Business Technology & Communications Partner, To Make The Right Call.

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