How the Mitel and RingCentral Partnership Benefits Customers

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August 29, 2022

In November of 2021, Mitel announced a strategic partnership with RingCentral. A business communications leader for over 50 years, Mitel’s motivation is to empower its customers to thrive in a world of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges.

The partnership aims to help our customers who are coming out of the other side of the pandemic to mitigate the risk of future disruption and create ways to build momentum and grow their businesses.

A Combination of Strengths

COVID-19 demonstrated that businesses need to operate seamlessly across remote locations. Meetings that once merited a business trip were impossible, and companies rushed to find digital solutions for collaborating and meeting with colleagues and customers remotely.

Hybrid work is here to stay as businesses return to more normal operations. A key to operating in this new world is a Unified Communications-as-a-Service solution (UCaaS). Mitel recognized that its customers needed an all-in-one, cloud-native communications solution, and RingCentral MVPTM provides just that. Offered in more than 150 countries and localized in more than fifteen languages, RingCentral is a leading provider of UCaaS and has deployed services to over 400,000 organizations internationally.

RingCentral MVPTM delivers improved resiliency and uptime, faster innovation, greater agility, the ability to meet hybrid work requirements, and overall superior mobile support. It isn’t just about moving to a new cloud solution—it’s about enabling businesses to fully leverage cloud infrastructure and services to deliver business value rapidly.

Endless Opportunities

RingCentral MVPTM is a unified hub for team collaboration and communication with over 275 integrations with business apps and APIs, including integrations with Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Everything is in one place for ease of use.

RingCentral meets the demands of today’s hybrid work environment, enabling employees to engage with customers, colleagues, and partners at any time, from anywhere, on any device—smartphone, tablet, desktop, or in Mitel-RingCentral powered conference rooms.

Many other features and functionalities are available, including higher-capacity video conferencing, enhanced administrator rights, closed-captioning on video conferences, and in-depth analytics.

Upgrade Solutions and Services 

To help customers upgrade to RingCentral MVPTM, Mitel and RingCentral teams will support businesses at each carefully planned step of the process:

  • Engage with Your Mitel Rep 
  • Phone Integration
  • Prepare to Migrate
  • Onboarding and Switchover

The process begins with a conversation with a Mitel migration expert to understand the benefits of RingCentral MVPTM and available financial incentives, like waiving early termination fees. Your expert will also help you select the right RingCentral plan. Once you sign up to upgrade, Mitel will ensure you have RingCentral compatible phones and assist with provisioning them. As you prepare to migrate, we’ll arm you with a Migration Assist Package (MAP) with all the necessary data to replicate your current system setup on RingCentral, including user profiles, call flow configurations, auto attendant audio files, Customer Service Records to ensure porting your phone numbers goes smoothly, and more.

RingCentral will take you the rest of the way and onboard you to your new system — with Mitel at the ready to help ensure that the final transition is seamless and does not disrupt your day-to-day operations.

This all adds to a better experience for businesses, employees, and clients. Book a call with a Mitel migration expert and start your upgrade today.

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