This is the first blog in a series where we will explore business requirements for cloud-based communications. Read Part 2 on hybrid work cost effectiveness.

Success in this new hybrid work environment means enhancing your business and operations with the best digital tools. It’s now necessary to enable your workforce to work from anywhere, on any device, with easy, reliable, and secure access. 

Creating this type of people-centered culture gives your employees the flexibility to work on their schedule while helping you increase productivity. The following steps will ensure you and your employees are ready for whatever your business faces next:

  • Refining business operations to enable better efficiencies and employee productivity. 
  • Ensuring your communication solutions will allow flexibility and a consistent user experience.
  • Focusing on new ways to redefine and enhance customer service.
  • Taking control of your business with analytics and new administration features for better system management.

Whether seamless, time-consuming, or challenging, many businesses have transitioned to cloud-based communications platforms to help deliver essential business requirements. These can include employee mobility, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and security, all top-of-mind for small and midsize businesses.

Achieve Employee Mobility and Maintain Hybrid Work Harmony

The idea of employee mobility is not a new concept. In fact, for many businesses, it has always been imperative for a small subset of employees to be able to work away from a central office or hub, like road warriors needing to meet clients or others in specific industries whose jobs require frequent travel. However, this was not the norm; people ‘went to work’ instead of work going wherever they were. It was a finite construct with little flexibility, and few asked the question of how or where their teams wanted to work.

Fast forward to the last two years, and this construct flipped upside down; businesses had to undergo a drastic change to survive a world shutting down. Mobile employees became the ‘new norm’ not just for some but all industries, and flexibility became the new framework for productivity. With most employees working remotely, companies had to evolve their infrastructure and business operations to support a new hybrid work environment.

Your employees and teams work from the road, home, and office. Staying connected across phone, chat, SMS, and video is critical for teamwork and productivity. Mobility enables your employees to collaborate wherever and wherever they want.

Whether via messaging, voice, or video conferencing, collaboration tools that are intuitive and easy to use are essential. Mobility facilitates hybrid work, which can help attract and retain talent in today’s ultra-competitive workforce.

What Does Hybrid Work with RingCentral MVPSM Look Like? 

Consider Mitel cloud solutions which require several different applications to support the full suite of Unified Communications (UC) features. This includes a Mitel client for calling, a meetings application for conferencing, and a separate application for messaging. These multiple applications were disjointed and did not deliver a unified user experience.  

RingCentral MVP delivers a unified client, a single application that includes phone calls, video conferencing, fax, SMS, and chat.

Not only does this unified client deliver everything you need in one app, but you can also easily switch between devices, like desktop softphone to mobile, and from voice to video calling. And you can do this in the middle of a call! This also ensures employees have the same collaboration experience regardless of their device, the desktop client, tablet, or mobile phone.

The RingCentral app supports easy-to-implement integrations with business apps, including Office 365, Salesforce, and Google G-Suite. 

Keeping your employees connected and productive while on the go is easy with the RingCentral MVP application, delivering the full suite of UC features in a single unified app. 

Stay tuned for more on how Mitel and RingCentral can deliver a solution that can keep up with your changing and growing business needs and requirements for cost-effectiveness, reliability, and security.

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Colin Ovington

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Migrations

Colin is part of the Migration Office team. With a background in product management and marketing, he is responsible for developing the messaging and sales enablement content for the various cloud migration strategies and tactics.

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