More and more European customers are choosing ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center because of the brilliantly simple way it lets them manage the vast amount of communications coming in and out of the organisation, and often into numerous sites.

ShoreTel also supports their initiatives to use an increasing number of teleworkers and remote sites to help boost productivity, lower costs, go green, and improve the customer experience.

Deploying ShoreTel’s unified communications (UC) system helps reduce support costs and lowers a company's total cost of ownership, because it's a single solution that fully integrates a feature-rich contact centre, desktop telephony client, phones and more, throughout the entire organisation.

In the UK for example, The North West Ambulance Service (Cumbria, Lancashire, Mersey Regional and Greater Manchester) was running nine different phone systems and eight separate contact centres until it turned to ShoreTel for centralised control and management of one single-image solution.

The Trust now estimates that it is saving approximately £100,000 by the end of the first year, and plans to leverage this highly successful investment as a back up to its emergency phone system.

In another successful deployment, Trident, one of the Midland’s leading housing associations, has deployed the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center application, and has it fully integrated with its Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

As a result, all data on the inbound caller now “pops” onto the Trident business user’s screen, providing instant access to customer information.

“ShoreTel Call Manager enables our staff to track messages more easily, additionally contributing to shorter response times and improved customer service for our business,” said Edward Reed, Head of IT at Trident.

“Performance of teams is also enhanced as managers can listen in live to phone calls and monitor user performance, which they were unable to do before,” he added

The bottom line is that whether you're a housing organisation or a healthcare provider, switching to an IP-based, highly efficient communication solution is at the core of improving service and the customer experience in today's busy world.

With ShoreTel, it doesn’t have to be as costly as it sounds.

In fact, because ShoreTel has cut the cost of complexity with its powerful and reliable UC solution, our improved pricing means companies can no longer afford to ignore the business benefits of unified communications.


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