At Mitel, we’re fortunate to work with an incredible partner community full of deep, diverse expertise. So, each month, we share some of that expertise by highlighting partner blog posts about the business communications topics relevant to modern IT pros.

How Much Is Poor Business Communication In The Workplace Costing You?

By Marco
The amount of time wasted trying to track down specific coworkers and get the information or access you need adds up. The solution? A unified communications system that operates how your business specifically needs it to, making collaboration faster and easier.
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How To Prepare For Business Continuity After A Disaster

From fires to floods to winter storms, there are many kinds of disasters that can you’re your business. Establishing a robust disaster recovery plan is the most important step you can take toward protecting your business and minimizing downtime.
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It’s Time to Adopt Mobile Devices and Productivity Apps That Enable Anytime, Anyplace Work

Modern communications technology enables employees to be productive any time, anywhere, from any device. The right productivity apps and BYOD policy help businesses prioritize flexibility and output over “seat time,” which is good for employees and good for businesses.
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