M5’s new desktop application extends the UC offering. M5 Communicator is part of the M5 Unified Communications Suite (now part of ShoreTel’s Cloud Division) and free to all existing M5 clients.

An extension of the Suite, M5 Communicator is an application accessible from the desktop of a user’s PC or Mac. In addition to offering instant messaging across the enterprise, peer-to-peer video chat, file transfer, and screen-sharing capabilities, Communicator’s “Presence” feature enables users to see when their colleagues are on the telephone.

“ShoreTel understands the voice 2.0 value proposition – it’s all about the applications and the experience – not just cheaper, reliable connectivity,” said Jon Arnold, Principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent telecom analyst and marketing consultancy. “High value applications, like M5 Communicator, give customers the easy to use Unified Communications tools they crave."

Communicator is part of the M5 Unified Communications Suite, a cloud-based communications service for employees that want to focus on their business instead of the business of running a communications platform. Based on the M5’s Call Conductor platform, the Suite integrates communications and business data, providing M5 clients with access to business intelligence that can be used to increase sales, gauge customer satisfaction, and implement operational efficiencies. The Suite also includes:

  • Hosted, managed voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • Conferencing and Collaboration: telephone-based audio conferencing, screen sharing, and file transfer.
  • Unified Messaging: personal voicemail, shared voicemail, voicemail to e-mail, transcribed voicemail, and voicemail to customer-relationship management (CRM).
  • Portal: administrative and end-user self-service.
  • Recording: inbound and outbound call recording with full time and ad-hoc support and look-back.
  • Contact Center: fully-feature prioritized skill routing, live dashboards, analytical reports, agent performance management, and more.
  • Business Intelligence: reports and analysis with real business impact.

“We offer a complete bundle that doesn’t ignore the most important modality today: voice,” said Jeff Valentine, M5 Networks senior vice president of product marketing. “While other competitors offer voice as an add-on, they don’t provide the full breadth of functionality, the professional installation, the proactive monitoring, the advanced features, the intelligence, or the end-user support, all in a powerful yet intuitive platform like M5’s.”

For more information about M5 Communicator, the M5 Unified Communications Suite, or other products, please visit www.m5.net.

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