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Unified Communications Etiquette Guide: What to Know, What to Avoid
on Tech Target  

When it comes to unified communications, we tend to focus most of our time on the technology and little time on the human element. But how people use, or don’t use, unified communication capabilities can have just as much influence on their effectiveness as the technology itself. In this post, Blair Pleasant makes some UC etiquette suggestions to address this very issue.  Read the article >


Why Call Centers Will Be Run by Marketing in 2020
on NoJitter

Call centers and marketing are both responsible for important parts of the customer lifecycle, but they rarely talk at most companies. Could strategically merging the two disciplines create a better experience across the entire customer lifecycle and boost revenue accordingly? No Jitter discusses.  Read the article >


UC Trends and Smart Grid Opportunities – Parallels to Learn From
on UC Strategies

Jom Arnold of UC Strategies examines parallels between unified communications and smart grids to demonstrate how the conversation about communications is shifting from tools and technology to outcomes.  Read the article >


US B2B eCommerce To Reach $1.1 Trillion By 2020
on Forrester

Business-to-business (B2B) purchases represent a lot of buying power. And according to Forrester’s recent report US B2B eCommerce Forecast: 2015 to 2020, eCommerce will represent more than 12 percent of the B2B market. What challenges and opportunities will that create for your business?  Read the article >


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