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Why Millennials Like Deskphones

on No Jitter

Many have hailed the rise of Millenials as the beginning of the death of desk phones, but that death may have been greatly exaggerated. Could their desirability as a status symbol and other factors overshadow their decline in everyday use among Millenials? Read the article >


Federal CIOs Want Better Cloud Vendor Support

on UC Insight

Government agencies are slowly but steadily moving a wide range of functions to the cloud, but some still have reservations. Their concerns may be more nuanced than you think—and so may their proposed solutions.  Read the article >


Navigating the Millennial Generation for Customer Service

on Cloud Contact Center Zone

Millennials are in control of significant, ever-growing buying power, and they’re more likely than ever to move their business elsewhere because of bad customer service. In this post, Michelle Amodio delves into some of the defining attitudes and behaviors of Millenials to help customer service pros better understand how this generation ticks when it comes to customer service. Read the article >


Five Features that Make VoIP a Winner

on Phone Systems Resource

Articles about VoIP often focus on the cost-saving aspect of it, but Mae Kowalke has outlined five of her favorite VoIP benefits that go beyond price.  Read the Article >






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