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Millennials Hate Making Customer Service Phone Calls, and So Does Everybody Else
on Cloud Contact Center

In this article, David Delony not only covers the importance of omnichannel contact center capabilities in the face of Millennials who increasingly prefer non-phone-based contact with companies. He also cites a recent study that shows those same preferences are quickly bleeding across generational lines, making omni-channel readiness more important than ever. Read the article >

As Collaboration Tools Multiply, Here’s How to Avoid Overload
on IT World

Collaboration tools can go a long way to helping businesses work more efficiently and effectively. But in recent months, the number of collaboration tools available has exploded. In this article, Stacy Collett discusses how to avoid tool overload to get the promised productivity out of collaboration tools. Read the article >

Are you IoT Ready?
On Network World

Everyone seems to be talking about the possibilities of Internet of Things (IoT) lately, but few people seem to be talking about how we’re going to monitor all of these devices, scale the capabilities and process all the data. Vess Bakalov explores the less sexy, but very important implementation aspects of IoT. Read the article >

Ubiquitous Technology and Hospitality
on HFTP Connect

How does the ubiquity of technology affect hospitality businesses? Where are hoteliers winning and where are they falling short? What capabilities do guests expect when they visit? Find out in this HFTP Connect post. Read the article >


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