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We're Getting Closer to the Age of Speech Analytics
on Cloud Contact Center Zone

What if you could analyze the unstructured data of every call in your contact center? Experts say we’re getting closer to the days when you can do just that with the help of automated speech analytics that can help uncover hidden insights and use them to improve the customer experience. Read the article >

Need an Excuse to Fix Bad Software? Move it the Cloud.
on InfoWorld

Plenty of companies are forced to hobble along with flawed software and management that won’t provide the resources to fix it properly. But David Linthicum suggests moving an application to the cloud may open up the perfect opportunity to fix it. Read the article >

Fujitsu Brainstorm Room Lets You Write on the Walls
on IT World

Digital sticky notes. Digital white boards. A paperless, inkless collaboration room. This is the vision Fujitsu is testing. Complete with motion tracking, infrared light pens, and mobile tie-ins, it’s a whole new idea of what collaboration rooms of the future could look like. Read the article >

App Developers Are Slow to support Apple Watch
on FierceMobileIT

Mobile devices are taking over the world and wearable devices are all the rage in techy circles, so why is Apple Watch app development lagging? Caroline Wall suggests functionality constraints and development cost-to-benefit ratio may be holding the back developers. Read the article >


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