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Why The Private Cloud Matters Now More Than Ever
on Cloud Communications Alliance

Hosting business applications, like communications applications make a lot of sense to host in a public cloud environment for most companies. In this article, Jeff Kaplan discusses a few cases where a private cloud deployment might make more sense.  Read the article >

EMM Market to Surpass $3.2 Billion by 2020, Report Reveals
on Mobile Enterprise

Highlighting the incredible growth of mobility-oriented technology in enterprise applications, a recent report predicts the enterprise mobility management market will more than double by 2020. Read the article >

Jarich on Mobile World Congress 2016: Do You Know What to Expect?
on Fierce Wireless

It may still be months away, but Peter Jarich is here with several predictions of what you’ll see at the world’s largest mobile trade show.  Read the article >

Wireless Broadband Alliance Expands Further with 18 New Members
On Market Watch

Mitel was one of several companies that joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance, an organization billed as the “leading industry body helping drive development and deployment of next generation Wi-Fi,” in advance of the Wi-Fi Global Congress. Read the article >


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