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Help Your Team Agree on How They’ll Collaborate
on Harvard Business Review

When companies think about helping their employees collaborate more effectively and efficiently, tools are often the primary focus. Mary Shapiro knows you also have to consider the human element of collaboration, and shares some people-related tips to help you really get the most out of employee collaboration. Read the article >

Benefits of Workforce Mobility
on Raconteur

It’s easy to claim that enterprise mobility drives improvement for businesses, but it’s far more compelling when you see real numbers behind it. Reconteur shares some key stats about the benefits enterprise mobility in their recent infographic. See the infographic >

7 Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Satisfaction
on Network World

As many organizations already know, social media can be a powerful customer relationship tool, driving traffic to your brand. It can also damage your brand when not used properly. In this article, several customer relationship experts share tips for helping make your social media activity an asset instead of a liability. Find out more >


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