Businesses are often forced to choose between delivering a great employee experience and customer experience. But it’s an impossible choice. And one no business should have to make. After all, employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) are intrinsically linked and equally important to business success. 

Today, businesses across industries are accelerating their digital transformation to meet the demands of a post-pandemic world and increase their competitive edge. As part of their transformation, many focus on technologies that allow them to deliver excellent experiences on multiple fronts. According to technology research and consulting firm Gartner, “Successful organizations know you cannot separate customer and employee experience strategies into silos.” 

Gartner discusses the importance of a total experience strategy — a holistic approach combining multi-experience (MX), CX, EX, and user experience (UX). The company predicts that “By 2024, organizations providing a total experience will outperform competitors by 25 percent in satisfaction metrics for both CX and EX.”

RingCentral MVP eliminates the need to choose between EX and CX

The right communications tools are vital to delivering the great EX and CX to help your business meet new demands and rise above the competition. RingCentral Message Video Phone (MVPSM) is one of those tools.

RingCentral MVP is the market-leading, cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution we’re thrilled to now offer to Mitel customers. In a recent blog, I described how we’re working with RingCentral to make the transition from Mitel Cloud Solutions to RingCentral MVP as simple and seamless as possible. Now, I want to share insights into what life is like after the transition. Here’s a brief look at how three companies are using RingCentral MVP to transform the way they work and benefit from better EX and CX.

Jamestown Properties builds a solid foundation for worldwide communications

Jamestown Properties owns and manages some of the world’s most iconic commercial spaces, including One Times Square and Chelsea Market in New York. The company also owns dozens of residential, office and retail spaces throughout the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

Before the move to RingCentral MVP, the old-fashioned communications tools Jamestown Properties’ 450 employees were using couldn’t keep pace with the company’s operational needs. A patchwork of disparate phone systems and video conferencing solutions across branch offices globally made it complex and time-consuming for employees to connect and drive business forward. Even instant messaging was difficult. According to Dean Rogers, Jamestown’s senior support engineer, “Getting instant messaging up and running with the old system was a 50-step exercise for each person.”

RingCentral MVP gives Jamestown employees the cloud-based unified communications capabilities they need to keep up with the fast pace of commercial real estate and support the company’s global expansion. 

With the RingCentral desktop app and a consistent set of collaboration tools on their phones and laptops, Jamestown employees can spontaneously collaborate and make decisions, no matter where they’re located globally. All voice, video, and text interactions among employees and business contacts are fast, easy, and seamless:

  • Every Jamestown meeting room globally has the same setup so employees can walk in and use the RingCentral app on their laptops to initiate video calls.
  • When employees are not in the office, they can use all their cloud communications tools — business phone, video conferencing, team messaging, and file sharing — from the RingCentral app on their laptops and smartphones.

Dean Rogers says, “that’s been amazing for our business.”

Schoology keeps staff and customers connected

Schoology develops a web-based learning management system that makes learning a richer, more interactive experience for students and teachers worldwide.

As a customer-focused business, the ability to provide top-notch customer support is essential to Schoology. Any system downtime or time spent waiting for technicians to make system updates is a major CX issue. It’s also a major EX issue as 50 percent of Schoology’s sales team works from remote or home offices and relies heavily on phones to do business.

Now that RingCentral MVP and its mobile app have replaced the previous unreliable phone system, all staff at the 100-person company can quickly and easily connect with customers, whether working in or out of the office. As a result:

  • Customers can be confident they can easily reach Schoology support staff.
  • Sales team members never have to worry they’ll lose sales due to lost phone connections. 

RingCentral MVP also empowers Schoology staff with self-management capabilities that further enhance EX:

  • Administrators can easily add new users to the system without extensive training or help from external technicians
  • Staff can change their system settings and preferences, which is particularly helpful for remote staff    

Last but not least, Schoology could even reprovision its existing equipment with RingCentral MVP, so there was no need to buy new hardware or teach people to use it.

Cherry Creek Mortgage Company eliminates downtime

Cherry Creek Mortgage Company is a privately owned and operated mortgage banking company that has helped more than 200,000 families finance a home.

With more than 750 employees working at over 75 branch offices across the U.S., communications and collaboration are crucial for Cherry Creek’s business. Calls and documents constantly flow between sales agents in the field, Cherry Creek staff at headquarters, and financial institutions.

Like Schoology, Cherry Creek couldn’t afford the downtime, and constant service drops it was experiencing with its previous communications solution provider.

With RingCentral, downtime and service drops are a thing of the past. Staff in all areas of the business can work more efficiently and enjoy a better experience when communicating with each other and with customers:

  • Salespeople have the RingCentral app on their cellphones and love the fact their work number is displayed when they call from their personal phone
  • Staff who use Jungo, the Salesforce customer relationships management (CRM) application for mortgage brokers, benefit from the integrated RingCentral communications functionality 
  • Training staff can deliver video training sessions to hundreds of salespeople at a time
  • Facilities staff can quickly generate new phone numbers through the RingCentral portal and easily connect with knowledgeable tech support staff

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These are just three examples of how RingCentral MVP is helping businesses of all sizes and types transform how they communicate and collaborate to improve EX and CX.

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