I had the distinct pleasure of inviting Craig Neil, managing director for NSC, to an Industry Analyst briefing in Chicago, where he presented his vision for managed solutions to 29 analysts from firms across three continents.

NSC is a leader provider of integrated communication solutions and channel partner for ShoreTel in Australia. As a systems integrator, NSC designs and implements telecommunications technology solutions for its customers, and also provides “middleware” applications, in which it integrates technologies that the customer might already be using. It’s a common business model: As Craig describes “You provide a packaged solution, remove the need for customers to hold expensive assets on their balance sheet and – more importantly – take away the hassle for their management in dealing with the problem you have solved for them.” 

During the briefing with 28 industry analysts, Craig shared his thoughts on how businesses focus on their core strategic initiatives, as their leverage their Breeze server offered by their firm.

When Craig isn’t managing his business, he has a passion for sailing. He crews on Sydney-based 46-footer NSC Mahligai, which his company sponsors – and a marathon runner. Craig highlights “What I love about sailing is the teamwork. It takes 12 people to turn our boat 90 degrees. Everyone has an important role, they have to execute it well and everything has to be perfectly synchronised. I love watching that teamwork and it’s the same in business. It takes only one person to be out of synch, or bad leadership, or one wrong decision, and you lose places or races.”

We’re proud to have ShoreTel playing a part in Craig’s success. Craig was recently featured in The Australian. Check out more of his story.

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