In March 2018, Mitel announced that ShoreTel 14.2 Communicator or earlier systems would reach end of life (EOL), meaning that there would be no more software updates to this platform.

If you haven’t glanced at a calendar in a while, it’s 2020 and September is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to plan your migration to your system’s natural successor, MiVoice Connect. Introduced in 2016, MiVoice Connect is a flagship on-site offering in the Mitel portfolio.

MiVoice Connect is a complete business communications and collaboration solution that allows employees to work more efficiently and productively no matter their location. Mitel’s focus on ease-of-use and the mobile work style delivers streamlined features and intuitive interfaces so employees can easily interact without the distractions of trying to make the system work.

The best part is, in most cases you can keep your hardware and simply update your software. By updating software that was never designed for remote and mobile working, you can unlock a number of added benefits by migrating to MiVoice Connect. When you upgrade from ShoreTel 14.2 to MiVoice Connect, you will unlock a number of added benefits are designed increase worker productivity while keeping your remote and mobile workforce connected.

Benefits that include:

Feature-Rich Portfolio

A proven portfolio of unified communications and collaboration tools, customizable to fit the unique business needs of any organization and easily integrated into existing business applications.

Efficient Productivity Tools

A consistent and unified experience across all devices that eliminates communication complexity, maximizes employee availability and accelerates collaboration and important decision making.

Simple Management

MiVoice Connect can be quickly scaled to add new users, connect new offices and activate new features all from an easy-to-use administration screen.

Business Integration

Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, NetSuite and many more applications can seamlessly integrate with MiVoice Connect, allowing workers to stay focused on their workflow and not waste time switching focus from application to application or device to device.

Security and Reliability

MiVoice Connect uses secure, industry standard protocols and systems. HTTPS and WebRTC ride on top of Transport Layer Security (TLS) while Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) is used to secure real-time data, like VoIP traffic.

Helping You Migrate to MiVoice Connect

Here’s the good news, you’re not on your own. Mitel and its partners have teams of experts ready to discuss your needs and help you migrate to MiVoice Connect. Since 2016, hundreds of companies and organizations have successfully migrated from 14.2 Communicator to MiVoice Connect.

Most Migrations are Simple.

If you’re an organization with less than 500 users, fewer than three geographic sites and have no incremental advanced solutions, your migration will typically be completed within a weekend maintenance window. About 80% of organizations fall in this simple migration category.

A Few Migrations are Complex.

The other 20% require a more complex migration. Typically, these organizations have more than 500 users across multiple sites, operate contact centers, require mobility solutions, and need active directory integration. These complex migrations take longer and are supported with additional detailed migration plans along with the participation of Mitel support services.

Simple or complex, the key takeaway is that 2020 is your year to migrate to MiVoice Connect. The path isn’t a long one, but it is an important one.

Ryan Smith

Content Strategist

Known as "The Voice of Mitel," Ryan is a technology evangelist with a unique mix of software development expertise, marketing strategy leadership and professional multimedia development. A lifelong learner, Ryan's passion for storytelling drives his proven ability to simplify complex concepts for audiences around the world.  

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