We are always working to improve and update our products and services to ensure we are giving you the best service possible. Here we’ve round up a number of new releases to our business VoIP systems, including the addition of HIPAA & SOC 2 compliance, a new IP phone release and updates to our MiCloud Connect Contact Center.

6910 IP Phone Released 

To complement our full range of desk phones that make you more mobile, we've recently released a new, low cost alternative, the Mitel 6910 IP Phone for MiCloud Connect.

  • A brilliantly simple business communications tool, this release is a modern IP phone with excellent call quality and integration functions for basic communication needs.
  • The 6900 series offers an enterprise-grade IP phone for every level of business, with the 6910 rounding out the portfolio with a low cost, entry level option.

IP Phone Cloud Phones 6910

MiCloud Connect Contact Center 

We have updated the MiCloud Connect Contact Center Agent Interaction Center (AIC), to deliver a more cohesive, intuitive and seamless experience. 

  • The new AIC provides agents with an easy-to-use interface allowing for seamless connection with customers. 
  • Agent chats are fully integrated, allowing multiple interactions to be handled gracefully within a single hub, presenting call profile information and performance statistics in a single place.
  • The updated AIC will help you monitor KPIs in real-time and get a wealth of data to fine-tune processes and align with your business goals. 

MiCloud Connect for Salesforce now can be integrated with contact center controls, allowing your contact center to put your customer information front and center. 

  • Global call controls, statistics, scripting, and metrics — all in a single workspace – will increase agent efficiency
  • Simple interactions with click-to-dial, dial pad, and directory-led transfers in a clean and intuitive interface, the controls make it easy-to-use and faster to respond without having to switch applications.
  • It’s easy to use, built for speed and puts customer information front and center.

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