Companies relying heavily on outbound contact have a defined need for an industrial strength dialer platform, whether for in-house operations promoting their own products and services or for an agency doing the same on their behalf.

Mitel is pleased to announce the release of MiContact Center Outbound as the new preview, power, progressive and predictive outbound dialling solution that includes campaign and agent scripting capabilities.

With MiContact Center Outbound, you can help make your organization more profitable by doing more in your contact center with less effort—and therefore reduced cost.

The underlying philosophy behind MiContact Center Outbound is that each customer interaction needs to conform to a clearly defined business process. At the heart of the solution is a visual interaction design environment that enables non-technical users to clearly, easily and visually define and implement each business process in a rigorous yet flexible way—rapidly, without programming. These processes can be simple or complex, self-contained or rely on a multitude of other systems. With MiContact Center Outbound, you can bring them together behind the scenes to deliver a unified agent desktop in a unique way.

In summary, MiContact Center Outbound is designed to:

  • Drive agent productivity and customer experience—automate outbound dialing, facilitate first-contact resolution and ensure business process compliance
  • Increase revenues and control operating costs—boost sales, drive lead generation and keep agents busy with outbound and multimedia interactions
  • Simplify IT management—with inbound and outbound workflows and visual agent scripting interfaces

For more information on how you can do more with less, including demo videos, visit our MiContact Center Outbound page.


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