Simplifying Operations: Mitel Administration and the Evolution of User Management

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Javier Garcia-Plata | September 11, 2023

As the old saying claims, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It is also the driving force for developing our new Administration for the MiVoice Business portal, building on our cloud-based administration framework, and simplifying the execution of day-to-day user management functions.

We're taking Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) functionality that, previously, a highly trained MiVoice Business technician would perform and deliver in a form your IT staff can perform. During its conceptualization and trials, we enjoyed an exceptional engagement with partners and customers, and after interacting closely with them, we are confident that we have made a significant step toward that simplicity.

MACs are time-consuming tasks whose complexity is usually underestimated by those who don’t know their mechanics and implications. Today, it is an arduous job that requires a high level of expertise in several independent systems. We have developed this new Administration capability to enhance MAC jobs in MiVoice Business. According to our user behavior research, the time needed for MAC jobs will be reduced by five with Administration for MiVoice Business due to streamlined authentication, reduced passwords, and a simplified and modern user interface.

Elevating MiVoice Business with Administration

Mitel Administration is another step in the evolution of MiVoice Business, the Mitel platform for Small and Medium Business and Mid-market users. The recent incorporation of the SMBC controller and configuration wizard, new commercial packages, and the improvement of its collaboration capabilities, along with the flexibility of subscriptions and self-paced technical training, are examples of how the platform is gaining momentum and explain its most recent successes well. More developments are ongoing to reinforce the unique flexibility and choice offered today by MiVoice Business, like Configuration Assessment and MIT data migration tool.

Tailored Support and Flexible Roles for Partners and Users

Mitel Administration for MiVoice Business is designed to support Mitel partners and customers. There is a set of functions exclusive to our partners, like activating, viewing, and managing customers' accounts from one place and defining admin roles, and other functions that can be assigned to both the partner or the customer, depending on their support engagement for MAC jobs. It fits perfectly in partner-user relationships, adapting to every service and support model.

Easy Transitioning from MiVoice Connect and MiVoice Office 250

As a continuation of lifecycle announcement for MiVoice Connect and MiVoice Office 250, partners and users are strategizing the way forward. MiVoice Business is ready to welcome those users and partners with a future-proof solution comprising all the benefits of the previous platforms with unique robustness, productivity, and flexibility.

Competing with UCaaS

There is a widespread myth that says that UCaaS solutions are much easier to administer than on-premises or private cloud solutions. Any experienced engineer would quickly disprove this fantasy. In any case, it is just to recognize that UCaaS has brought to the market some expectations in the admin field that we are meeting with Mitel Administration, like having a single pane of glass for all user management tasks – MAC – and reducing the technical expertise needed for admin. Now, MiVoice Business is even more competitive in those scenarios where simplicity is used to tip the balance in favor of UCaaS.

Unlocking the Value of Software Assurance

Mitel Administration is one more service delivered as a part of Software Assurance for MiVoice Business, like the recent Mitel Voice Assist. Besides new applications, it offers Mitel’s industry-leading protection, including 24x7x365 tech support, rapid response times, enriched performance analytics, automated security and functionality updates, APIs, full access to CloudLink Gateway, and real-time support during security incidents. Mitel Software Assurance is a wise decision for Mitel users and partners.

The Optimization of Human Capital

The simplicity brought by the Mitel Administration enhances a better use of human capital, allowing junior engineers or advanced users to perform those MAC tasks and liberating senior engineers for advanced services. Regardless of who finally carries on the MAC jobs, the partner or the customer, improvement in efficiency is granted.

It is time for simplicity. Administration for MiVoice Business is today a game-changer application that will bring even more value tomorrow, like support for enterprise-size systems and combined support of UC and CC in a single pane of glass. Contact your Mitel partner for the next step in your unified communication and collaboration journey.

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Javier Garcia-PlataSenior Product Marketing Manager

Javier Garcia-Plata joined Mitel in 2022 as Senior Product Marketing Manager, bringing rich experience in customer strategy, business digitalization, and strategic new business development, leveraged in global companies including Canon, SunChemical, and Pearson. In his role as a product marketer, Javier helps to improve the experience of partners and users worldwide working with Mitel.

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