Mitel at 50: A Year-Long Celebration

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December 13, 2023

Mitel commemorated our 50-year journey in 2023, marking a significant milestone in the company's evolution. Since 1973, Mitel has pioneered telecommunications, shaping how organizations worldwide connect and communicate. This year, we emphasized enduring commitment to excellence in communication solutions.

As we observed this landmark anniversary, the team embraced the opportunity to reflect on our heritage while propelling the business into a new era of possibilities. The commemoration wasn't just about honoring the past and leveraging our innovation and adaptability as key drivers in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Mitel's roots lie within Kanata North, Canada's largest tech park in Ottawa. Mitel's foundational presence in Kanata North underscores our enduring commitment to innovation and our integral role in driving the region's growth and prominence in the tech industry.

Mitel celebrated more than just a big birthday in 2023 — we also made a monumental acquisition. In October, our president and CEO, Tarun Loomba, announced we had closed a deal to buy Unify. With the news, Mitel is now second globally in enterprise unified communications, with over 75 million users in more than 100 countries.

The commemoration of this significant milestone garnered attention and accolades from various esteemed sources. Industry analysts chimed in, reflecting on Mitel's journey and acknowledging our contributions to telecommunications.

“Innovation is at the heart of Mitel’s success, allowing the company to constantly adapt and meet its customers' evolving needs. This dedication to innovation has resulted in significant growth for the company and recognition from industry experts,” said Anurag Agrawal, CEO and Founder of Techaisle.

The zenith of our 50th anniversary was Mitel's official birthday, June 8. We marked the occasion with a company-wide celebration in the spirit of innovation and our modern workplace, as we saw employees worldwide join virtually and in the office.

Our celebration extended beyond the company; our annual Month of Service took on a special meaning, demonstrating our commitment to contributing positively to society. Supporting our communities through service has been essential to our culture for many years. In honor of our 50th anniversary, more than 600 employees stepped up to share over 2,500 hours of their time supporting nearly 60 organizations worldwide. This dedication to service encapsulates our ethos — a blend of technological innovation and social responsibility.

Mitel's 50th anniversary stands as a testament to our continued commitment to innovation, service, and shaping the future of communications. As the business strides into its next phase, we remain steadfast in pursuing excellence, continuously adapting and innovating to meet the evolving needs of an ever-connected world.

Check out the coverage of Mitel’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

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