Mitel Marketing’s Favorite Blogs of 2022

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Isabella Abreu Stubbs | December 06, 2022

You told us about your top blogs in 2022, but what about the people behind the blogs? We polled our marketing team to see which blogs they enjoyed the most this year. We hope you will love these blogs just as much as we do!

Mitel New Grads thumb

1. Gen Z or Gen Remote? Pros and Cons of New Grads Working from Home

Even though Gen Z is known for being tech-savvy, adapting to a remote work environment can present challenges. We share solutions to support this generation better as they acclimate themselves to remote work.

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Pandemic Pets Mitel thumb

2. Pandemic Pets at Work: Animal Owners Return to the Office

Many folks adopted a pet during the pandemic to make their mandatory quarantines livelier. As people returned to the office in a hybrid model or full-time, we thought tips to help you and your pet during the updated workday were due.

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3. Unplug To Recharge: Disconnecting on Vacation

Due to modern communications tools, many workers feel guilty about not answering messages or emails while on vacation. The truth is that resting is essential for avoiding burnout. We share our top five tips on disconnecting from work, so your internal batteries are recharged on holiday.

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4. This Little Piggy Went To Market? Grocery in an Age of Disruption

During the pandemic, sales skyrocketed for supermarkets, and stores had to keep up with demand while facing retention challenges and supply chain issues. We detail some of the biggest challenges grocery stores faced during the pandemic and how they can fix them.

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Build Better Meetings_2_thumb

5. Building Better Meetings: Why Your Meetings Should Be More Like Power Naps

Nothing is worse than leaving a meeting you felt just wasted your time. So, why not energize them?

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5 Communications Tricks to Raise Team Spirits on Halloween Mitel thumb

6. Five Communications Tricks to Raise Team Spirits on Halloween

Enjoying holidays at work shouldn’t stop because the office is forever changed. Here we share five communications tricks to raise your team’s spirits on Halloween.

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Working Mom's blog Mitel thumb

7. Five Ways to Support Working Parents in a Hybrid World. Shout-out to moms!

The pandemic threw a curveball at working parents, particularly moms. Balancing work, children, pets, and home duties are no joke, and we celebrate working parents for all they do.

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call center mental health thumb

8. Remote Work Stressing You Out? Tips for Mental Wellness

Many remote workers feel it is hard to disconnect from work, and because taking care of your mental health is crucial, we share a few tips on managing that stress.

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Intern Awareness Month Mitel thumb

9. Five Common Myths About Internships (and Why Remote Internships are Great)

Internships are valuable for students, and remote internships are on the rise. Can they be as effective as in-office internships? We bust five myths in this popular blog.

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10. Work from Home, Save the Planet: 10 Tips for Going Green

Remote work can help organizations and positively impact climate change. If you are interested in doing more for our planet while on the job, we share 10 tips to help you go green.

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