The pandemic created an environment where employees are accustomed to the efficiency and flexibility of remote and hybrid work. As a result, employees expect their organizations to continue to support these needs even as there is a growing shift back to the office. But it’s a fact: remote and hybrid work are here for the long haul.

Organizations realized that the best way to attract and retain talent is to adapt to the shift in worker expectations. It is a worker’s market; some have called 2022 “The Year of the Employee.” With workers placing greater emphasis on flexibility, mental health, wellbeing, and feeling connected and valued in hybrid and remote environments, how can organizations and leaders adapt their working methods and leadership styles to appeal to the expectations of the modern workforce? 

To share ideas for navigating through changing employee experience (EX) expectations and remote leadership skills, Mitel VP of Global Field Marketing Andy Grant, Mitel Country Sales Director Nick Riggott, and tech gurus Shelly Kramer and Dr. Sally Eaves joined a #MitelChats discussion on Twitter. 

Check out the expert insights below:

The COVID-19 lockdowns spurred the realization that hybrid and remote work are valuable. Employees globally have come to thrive in the flexibility, and #MitelChats participants pointed out employees’ willingness to leave jobs for positions that offer the option to continue working from home. The cost of constant turnover, hiring, and training indicates that there is much more value in adapting to current workers’ expectations than losing employees and having to onboard someone new ones. If organizations have the tools and systems to allow employees flexibility, they should do their best to create an environment where they can cater to those expectations.

Organizations must be prepared to provide all the tools and training necessary for success in remote work and hybrid work environments. Not all employees are familiar or comfortable with communication technology, and leadership should consistently check in with workers to ensure they feel productive and well-informed. Digital fluency and literacy training were hot topics in the #MitelChats.

When leaders aren’t physically working beside their team, it is easy for teams to feel socially disconnected. More than ever, leaders must go the extra mile to connect and listen to their employees – it’s much harder to pick up on issues in a virtual environment, so be intentional about meeting with team members and learning how they are doing and feeling. Workers expect and want the same consideration from their leadership and other team members regardless of physical location.

Employees are the best brand ambassadors an organization can have. If workers have a great experience at a job, they are much more likely to tell their family, friends, acquaintances, and even potential team members how much they enjoy their experience. Customers and partners can usually tell whether someone likes their organization or job, which translates well to great customer experiences. Our chat participants talked about the phenomena of EX influencing brand experience below:

EX expectations and the ways organizations can continue to fulfill the needs and wants of their workers in today’s age is a vast topic. It is “The Year of the Employee,” and organizations and leaders need to understand these growing expectations and what they can do to bring in workers and, more importantly, keep them. Expectations for the future of work are changing. Conversations like this show how vital it is for consistent and clear collaboration and communication. It all ladders up to how organizations can enhance their EX. 

If you’d like to see more from this conversation, check out the hashtag #MitelChats or our Twitter page for more.

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