MiVoice 5000, the well-recognized unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) solution for large enterprises, recently released MiVoice 5000 8.0 update.

Mitel continues to invest and deliver secure and value-added business communications solutions to support existing and new enterprises with the latest features and add-ons. MiVoice 5000 supports enterprises with hundreds of thousands of users in a single installation that can be deployed on-site, partner-hosted, or in the public cloud like Microsoft Azure. Mitel continues to offer subscription-based licensing for MiV5000 solutions, allowing enterprises the flexibility to scale up and down usage depending on their business needs.

Mitel API Program

The new release includes support for Mitel APIs and access to developer.mitel.io. This allows channel and technology partners and customers to build custom apps and integrations for the MiVoice 5000 platform, phones, and collaboration apps leveraging Mitel’s CloudLink platform. Sample applications and integrations include Chatbots for UC users, notifications via TTS, email, SMS, CRM screen pops, custom call routing apps, and integration of social media into chat, to name a few.

In addition, the Mitel Dialer app is now connected to Mitel’s CloudLink platform, enabling remote workers to access the app from anywhere. Mitel Dialer is a lightweight call pop-up app allowing users to answer or call colleagues quickly.

OTT Mode Support 

The MiVoice 5000 is improving the user experience for remote sites or teleworkers through the internet as an OTT service. The User Portal for custom user setup and configuration, SIP-DECT access for administrator and management control, and the Manager Web apps are now also available for remote workers.

Attendant and Agent Support

Several new features and enhancements have been included in the release for the attendants and agents. The new Mitel 5000 Attendant app supports attendants in smaller organizations to see and manage calls and queues visually. The new Windows-based CTI application is associated with Mitel SIP phones 6800/6900. It supports visual call selection, attendant functions (such as blind and supervised transfer, conference), call log, and access to multiple directories.


MiVoice 5000 now supports MiCollab 9.5 and 9.6 that introduces the following collaboration features:

  • WebRTC Client that supports call hold, transfer (blind and supervised), and third-party conference
  • UX enhancements for the Android mobile for answering calls, login/logout button, emergency services handling
  • Upgrade PC client from Cloud without MiCollab server upgrade 
  • Group call pickup for MiVoice 5000 
  • Mitel Assistant that enables call management from Microsoft Teams and seamless chat to voice transition

Security and Resiliency

Mitel reinforces security, resiliency, and management functions making deployment easier. In the new release, the following updates were included:  

  • Support of TLS 1.3
  • Improved protection of the User Portal
  • Password security policy enhancement for the User Portal and Web Client to protect against brute force attacks
  • Centralized deny lists for incoming where the rejected calls are tracked in CDR records and the Security Log 
  • Introduction of the new EX Controller 16/120  

Mitel continues to innovate and advance our core calling and collaboration solutions to establish clear, unified communications leadership within the market. We understand that delivering choices and options for hybrid cloud solutions is desirable for enterprises today. Organizations strive to tailor communications solutions to their business, maintain more control over service delivery and deployment, and leverage flexibility in operational deployment and commercial consumption. Mitel provides that through its portfolio of solutions.

Look out for further innovative releases on our blog.

Dominique Poizat

Director Product Management, Enterprise Solutions

After several years dedicated to the global enterprise communications business, Dominique has extensive experience in managing on-premise and cloud solutions, especially for large enterprises. More recently, Dominique has led the evolution of these solutions to adapt them to the digital transformation needs of customers and to diversify their business model to include subscription-based offerings.

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